Friday, February 1, 2008

a "woe is me" week

Ever have one of those weeks you just go "ugh... poor ME!" not that horrible awful things happened, just little things adding up to make you so glad the week is over, and praying the next week is kinder on you? That's how I'm feeling tonight.

Monday Mercy started preschool. That was good, but bad on the hormones. Heheh.

Tuesday was okay.

Wednesday was Let's Act Insane and Try to Make Mummy Climb on the Roof Day, plus that was when my poor bubby Jameson started getting sick. That night was miserable for the two of us; J was pretty much up and down all night, nothing was making him comfortable and of course, we were out of infant Tylenol. I think I got a total of 3 hours sleep that night? Yeah.... suuuuuucky.

Thursday wasn't much fun because of previously mentioned lack of sleep. I took J's temperature in the morning--101.9. Ouch. Luckily he slept most of the day when he wasn't moaning in our lap (really. he would sit in our lap and just moan. it was so sad!), and Mercy had a great day in preschool. I took J's temp again at 4 and it was 102.3, and I called the doctor. They said to give him Tylenol and to come in on Friday. Did I mention his doctor is an hour away? Yeah... But thursday night was actually blissful-J only woke up once. Wheeee!

Friday... friday. J's appointment was at 1:30, but Mercy had preschool from 12:30 to 3 and CJ is on the midnight shift so he can't help. So I had to call wonderful, awesome Kim and ask her if she could please drop off and pick up Mercy. Thankfully she agreed, and I dropped Mercy off with Kim and then Porter, J and I headed off to Tucson.

First, his stats: at 4 months 1 week he weighs 14lbs 8oz (up exactly two pounds in one month, woot!), and either 66 or 68 centimeters (about 25/26 inches). He's in the 75th percentile for both, and his head circumference was over the 100th percentile. LOL!!!

The diagnosis: poor bubby has a double ear infection. :( Poor kid. When I took him out of his carseat to comfort him before his appointment, I noticed his ears were really, really waxy, like coming out of his ears and almost to his cheek. He hadn't had that before, I know because I checked to see if his ears were red earlier, which they weren't. Anyways, the doctor had to actually scrape all the wax out of his ear to see his ear canal, oh wow. I've never seen that much earwax before, especially in someone so small!! Poor kid. The doctor said it was a combination of wax and pus. EW. And the poor kid is so sore and sensitive in the ear. just touching it makes him flinch and start to whimper. We have him on amoxicillin and hopefully that'll kick the nasty infections.

J also got a referral for a physical therapist for his neck. We've noticed he holds his head at an angle, you can see it in almost all the pics i have of him. Anyways, the doctor called it Torticollis, and it probably happened because of his position in the uterus or else when he was born. We caught it at a great time, it shouldn't have much of a lasting effect hopefully. But we have to take him to a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment. We're also taking him to the chiropractor next week, for a tissue massage or something like that. No cracking, just massage or the likes.

So there are the reasons that I dub this week my "woe is me" week.

At least until the next one comes along.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, thanks for the comment. I enjoyed looking at your blog and reading this post. Just wanted to reassure you on the torticollis, my son had that around the same age. He wore the cranial band for a few months. It was a breeze and he did remarkable, it was off in no time. He has a perfect little head shape now at 3 years old. If you need to talk to anyone about it I am here. Good day!

The Hopkins Family said...

Oh man i've had those kinda weeks! I hope this one goes better than the last!

Laura said...

I sure hope this week is much better for you!!!!!!!!