Monday, February 23, 2009

Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo...

So... yeah. Really not that much exciting, it feels like. Maybe I should start making stuff up just to feel like I have a reason to post more!

I taught in Relief Society this weekend. I taught on Elder Bednars talk "Pray Always", which is amaaaazing. Really, I think it's one of my favorite talks ever. It's one of those that you can read over and over and have something new strike you each time. I had a scare that I had prepared the wrong lesson, but luckily the note was from the other ward. *whew* Then, just as I stood up to give the lesson, the Bishopric walked in. Are you KIDDING me?! I am NOT teaching in front of them. Almost had a heart attack, I swear. Luckily they were just coming in to talk about the emergency preparedness fair we're having March 7th *ahem, anyone in Sierra Vista, please come! I'll be there in all my coolness*. So I got to teach my lesson with no testosterone in the room other than the babies. I'm SO thrilled to say it went great! Sometimes our Relief Society doesn't participate much, which can make lessons drag out, but yesterday everyone seemed to have a comment, and I can really say that I learned some new thoughts. Yay!

After that I went visit teaching, and the sister we taught had some square foot gardens, and she really lit a fire in me to try it out! She had grown some parsley and it was HUGE. She gave us each a bag full of it, mmm, I love the smell of it! We have a retaining wall in the back that seems the perfect size, so I'm thinking of trying my hand at it. I'm excited/scared, I've never really "done" a garden.

Went to Kim and Tims for dinner, turkey and mashed potatoes and pie. OMG, yum. We all tried to watch the Oscars, but sad to say... it was boring. What's with that!! Poor J had a fever and was coughing a bit, so we went home and put him to bed. He seems a lot better today, I'm so glad. It makes me so sad to see him upset, he's such a sweet little man. Doesn't this photo look like it's from the 80s? I love photo editting a bit too much I think.

Going to try to get some digital scrapbooking done tomorrow, stay tuuuuuuuuned.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I *KNEW* she could do the dance... little stinker. Here she is, in all her glory! Excuse the nose picking... she's four.

Valentines day was woooonderful! I love V-day. I got to sleep in and I woke up to the scent of crepes, yum! M gave us a beautiful little tantrum because it was Ps turn to say the prayer, what a great way to start the day... we gave the kids a bath and then set off for the mall to try to find CJ a Arizona Cardinals shirt. No dice, apparently Sierra Vista doesn't support the Cards....? I'll have to order one I guess. Wandered around a bit, which, in our teeny mall, doesn't take long. Went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch, mmmm. Funny that CJ and I ate there for V-day a year ago too, mum was here (when I got my gallbladder removed) and watched the kids then. Deeelicious, my steak was perfect and the kids hot dogs were snarfed down. J loves the mashed potatoes there. I love going there for lunch because there's never a wait! After that we went to Target to look for presents. CJ decided to get a new Gerber knife, and I couldn't pick, so CJ said we would go home and I could chill out with the kids and he'd go find something as a surprise. Okay...

So we got home, I cleaned a bit and tried to get J to take a nap. Didn't work, so I put in the "move it move it" movie (Madagascar 2 to those who don't speak Humpheryese) and we watched that then played/destroyed J's room. I did some ChaCha and CJ came home and woooo!!! He got me 2 dozen roses (1 dozen white and 1 dozen various colors), and a bouquet of gerbera daisy and such. He also got me an iTunes gift card, the new(ish) Taylor Swift CD, the book "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister", and some truffles. The man doesn't do surprises much, but this... this was great. He rented Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist too, which was good.
What else... M had her V-day party at school on Friday. I made up some cute little Valentine treat bags, and was worrying that she shouldn't bring candy... no worries! She came home with a ton of candy, which she and P and J proceeded to eat all of. Apparently I need to hide things better. Anyways. I used Shabby Princess' new kit Yours Truly to make M's valentines, they turned out pretty cute!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

*cough* *hack*

It was a pretty fun week, despite the fact that my voice decided to go on vacation on Sunday, and still hasn't really returned. Super Bowl was fun, we had a little party here with Kim and Tim and Jessie and Aaron, and kids of course. Suzy and Joe, we wish you'd have been able to come, I'm sorry you all got sick too! This town... anyways, I can't say I really cared too much about the outcome of the game, but the last few minutes WERE pretty thrilling. Sad for AZ though, but now CJ's decided to hop off the 49ers ship and onto the Cards, and has decided to become a permanent Cards fan. Which mean I absolutely *must* find him a Cards shirt to wear. But I found this instead, and think it's so much more fitting for him...

So perfect for him... happy Valentines honey!!

Anyways, back to the SB. It was a blast, but I think I'll be perfectly content to not eat another chicken wing for at least 100 months. Soooo winged out. Curse you, Buffalo Wild Wings.
So... I killed another vacuum. What. The. Crack. This is the second vacuum in 6 months. Our old one was a wedding present, so it was 6 years old, but this was my parents vacuum they gave us, not that old. I think I killed the motor... or maybe it just hates me. I'm going to say it probably just hates me. Too bad, it was a great vacuum, cleaned way better than our Hoover did. And our carpet is cheap and cruddy enough that lack of vacuuming shows within, oh, I'd say minutes. Anyone have an extra $330 to give me to get the Dyson that's on clearance at Target? Anyone? Bueller? I *KNEW* I should have worked more on ChaCha this month...

Now that I've figured out my sewing machine finally, thanks to making M's tutu for the dance recital (yeah, that's right. I MADE THAT PIECE OF ART. yay me! All us awesome mummies made the tutus!) I feel like I want to make more, like a dress for M. But I'm still intimidated, especially at the thought of where you have to gather fabric and sew it or something. Eeeeks! I know I just need to be brave and conquer my fears, but I have so many other things that I keep thinking about that I want to do... and then none get done. Like the vacuuming.
One thing I finally DID get done was hanging up J's planes in his room. I love it!! Now I need to paint the walls, but we'll see. I got the planes a few months ago in the Target Dollar Spot (sweet...) and painted them to match J's bedding. He loves them, when he wakes up in the morning or after his nap he loves when I hold him up so he can bat one around and watch it spin.

Next project is the photo wall... I finally ordered the photos, I got 5 8x10s, 5 5x7s and 5 4x6s from Winkflash for only $10.55 shipped! Score. That's where I ordered our holiday cards from too, their quality is pretty good. I have the frames, I just have to spray paint them black since the wood is a wierd color. I've been thinking about getting a vinyl word quote on the wall, still not sure. Should probably figure that out soon though.

We went to Jessie and Aarons tonight for dinner and games. It was so fun, even though I can not BELIEVE the guys beat us at Catchphrase. I swear it gave them such easy questions... they had to have rigged it. We laughed a lot, and Jessie and Aaron know some of CJs cousins from BYU-Hawaii, so they were swapping stories. M and P had a blast playing with Maile and Emmy too! And ooooh my, their house is gorgeous, Jessie your decorating is great! It made me realize how tired I am of our white walls. Hahahah!! We should paint, but our living/dining room is so intimidating because it's so big/tall and attached to the kitchen, painting will be tricky tricky. I'll have to talk CJ into it, I think. I have other home decorating thingies on my mind too... like painting our bed, our room, our bathroom... why I didn't really care two years ago when we moved in is beyond me, but now it's starting to niggle at me.

Okay, it's getting late and I'm frickin' freezing in here, to quote Dr. Evil. Oh!! One more thing: thanks for the M love and laughs at the video. Seriously, this child gives me so many opportunities for blackmail in the future...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dancing Queen

M and her class had their dance recital last week, and... well.... just watch.

More photographic evidence, and yes, some will be saved for blackmail opportunities of the future...