Thursday, June 19, 2008


This just hasn't been a fun week. First, M's preschool pictures still aren't here (they sent us some other childs pictures!). In fact, we had to call them two more times after our first conversation of them saying they'd call us within 48 hours. I finally emailed them everything that had been going on, and someone from their corporate headquarters called me within two hours to talk about it, she was really apologetic and helpful and now they're going to overnight the pictures to us. Hopefully that's the end of the story there, but it was making me pretty angry. Then the struts on our minivan went out two weeks ago (ironically around the same time as the picture fiasco started), and luckily I checked online and saw that Toyota had issued an extended warranty for them, because the dealership tried to tell us it would be about $400 to fix. Uhhh.. no, no thank you. So they said they'd call when the parts came in, yet we heard nothing (seeing a trend here?), so CJ called, and "somehow" our service order had been cancelled. So they re-entered it and said they'd call when they came in again. No call as of Tuesday, so we called again, and the guy said "um... your parts came in on Thursday.... didn't anyone call you to schedule a service appointment?" NO!!!!!!!!!! *tearing my hair out* He felt bad that we were getting put through the ringer and found us a time that afternoon to go in to get it fixed, so that's done too. I absolutely love my Sienna (ask anyone I know, it's pretty much my non-human baby *heheh* ) but this... ugh. But we've had amazing luck with Toyota til this, so I'm not holding it against them. (I/We have owned a Tercel, Celica, Corolla, and now our Sienna, so we're obviously pretty pleased with Toyota. :D ) Then they still hadn't finished the playground behind our house (there's a park around the corner from us, literally) even though the structure had been up for 3 weeks, and the kids were getting craaaaaanky at seeing the fun playground but not being allowed to play on it. Luckily they finished the rubber flooring under it, and now it's OPEN!!! We pretty much go everyday after dinner, it's a great way to burn off energy, and I totally use it as a bribe: "if you eat 2-3-4 more bites, we can go to the park..." It works, seriously.

J's finally starting to sit on his own, woo!!!! Little booger's getting so stubborn about his neck exercises though, at his PT appointment today he told Charlene off for most of it, screeching, crying and grumping. I'd feel bad for him, but it's for his own good and he'll thank us for it later. I hope. He's such a happy kid though, loves rolling around the floor and grabbing people's shoes, and eating. Oh, that kid loves to eat. He's discovered french fries (that was an accident) and also loves teething biscuits, and the only baby food he doesn't like is green beans. Can't blame him there, can I.

We went to Tucson for the PT appointment, and for most of the way back P and I played "GO TO SLEEP!" I have a video of him doing it somewhere, can't seem to upload it though. He thinks it's hilarious, and just loves to play it.

Ooh, speak of the devil, M's pictures just came!! Excuse the color, it's a little off from my printer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Season?

First: NO, I am NOT pregnant. Ha.
It just seems like summer always brings babies. Two friends of mine have just had their babies (congrats Karin and Lacie!) and there's some more due in the next few weeks and months. I love newborns and their snuggliness, so sweet. But I'm loving this stage with J, he's so much fun to be with. The best part is that he recognizes my voice and my face, and the way he just completely lights up when he sees me and grins from ear to ear.... melts me everytime. And I take secret satisfaction when CJ's holding him and J literally throws himself in my direction trying to get to me... I love it. I love being so totally and completely loved by another being! He loves peek a boo, I drape the blanket over him and say "wheeeeeeeere's Jamie? where's my Jameson??" and he yanks the blanket down and gets so excited, even more if I get P to play with us. They do it in the van too; J is in the middle aisle with P behind him, and P hides behind the seat then slams to the side of his carseat where J can see him, and yells "BAAAA!" (guess boo isn't as effective?) and he and J just completely crack up laughing. I hope this is a sign they'll be good friends in the future.
J's PT sessions are going okay. His growing isn't helping, his neck muscles just do NOT want to relax! His rotation is great now though, and he has no signs of plagiocephaly (flat head), so yay for that!! He does have to wear his collar as long as he can all day now, and I have to massage him as much as he'll let me, which is completely dependant on his mood. Sometimes he hates it, others he'll tolerate it. He's also LOOOOOOOOVING solid food. So far he loves: sweet potatoes, peas (blech), bananas (he changed his mind and likes them now), applesauce, squash, and carrots. Up next to try is peaches, prunes, and green beans.
M is... well, she's miss attitude half the time, the other half lovey and sweet. CJ said today "do you think she'll get better or worse for her teen years?" Ummm, I really don't want to think about teenagers yet, I'd like to get out of the diaper stage first. If that ever happens... I know everyone says that when they're ready they'll potty train, but I'm getting impatient. She has no problems sitting on it, and know what to do after, like wiping and flushing and washing her hands, she just won't do the actual act. UGH. Hopefully before her birthday.... yeah right. I think P might potty train before her or at the same time. Wouldn't that be nice, knock two out of diapers in one go.... ah, the dream. heheheh!!
P is now in his big boy bed and sharing M's room, and they're actually doing great, knock on wood! Sometimes they stay up later than I'd like and chatter and play, but they're in their room, in bed, so what more can I do? J is sleeping SO great in a room with just him and his white noise machine, it's bliss to him! His room looks so cute too, I found the cutest bedding, I still get so excited talking about it. Heheh!! I'll try to get pics of it later.
A friend and I are having a garage sale this Saturday (local ladies, come see Kim and I on Saturday and buy our stuff!!) so CJ and I went through the garage, cleaning and deciding what we don't need. Then I went through the kids clothes and sorted that. Then we went through both kids rooms and went through THOSE toys too. Hopefully we'll sell most of this stuff, we need a new Britax carseat, and it'd be nice to make a dent in the cost.
Okay, J woke up, I better go. I promise to try to be better at blogging, I've been so slack lately.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Renee tagged me, so here goes! I tag Amber, Mandy, Jesse, Staci, and Angie.

1- I miss all things Canadian, from the people to the food. :(

2- I love my husband more than life itself, even when he's driving me nuts. He is my everything and I can't imagine life without him in it.

3- I used to want to compete in the Olympics in Show Jumping.

4- I talk to my mum at least once a week, and IM with her as often as we can.

5- I'm addicted to Coca Cola, and have no intentions of giving it up anytime soon. (hey, it's better than being addicted to drugs or smoking...)

6- I would move back to the east coast in a heartbeat, either north or south. Doesn't matter, I just miss the east!

7- If I could vote, CJ and I would be voting for opposite people. :D

8- If my name was Eduardo, I'd TOTALLY get away with it. Hat and all. Bye, baby.

1) each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2) people who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3) at the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4) don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008