Sunday, October 25, 2009

To My Littlest Man

1 week:

6 months:

1 year:

1.5 years:

2 years:

Oh sweet baby J,

What a funny little man you're turning into. Easily one of the most easy going kids I know, but you sure are learning to assert yourself and stand up for what you want, at least with your brother! You're still my sweet cuddler though, you love to come over and say "up!" and of course I can't resist you, my baby boy. And so we cuddle, and play, and laugh. You always make me laugh. Right now your favorite thing to do is for me to sing "yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for... ME!" and then you say "no ME!" and we go back and forth until we're laughing too hard to go on, and when we calm down, you give me the sign for 'more', and it starts all over. You've even got M and P playing it too, they think it's just as hilarious as you do.

Your Torticollis is virtually gone, people don't even notice you have a tilt anymore unless I point it out when you're tired. You worked so hard at everything that Shelly taught you, and both she and I were teary when you graduated out of physical therapy. Such a strong spirit already! You certainly haven't let any speech impediment stop you either, and you've only been in therapy for it for just over a month, and already you've learned over 20 new words! We always knew you had them in you, it was just a matter of us learning to help you express them. And you pick up sign language so fast as well! You just continue to amaze us every day.

You just have all of us wrapped around your little finger. We all think you're such a doll, your brother and sister included. M loves to cuddle you and tell you stories, and you and P are learning to play together so well, even though you both have moments of not wanting to share, especially when it comes to Thomas and Elmo. "Meemo" was one of your first new words, which surprised us since we don't watch Sesame Street and M and P have never really been into Elmo at all. But you just love that red furry monster with a fiery passion. Above Elmo is your "ish"-es though. You love all things fish! Daddy got you and P each a Commerson's Dolphin toy at Sea World, and you clung to it right away. You love your "ish"! And then you found this funny rubbery clown fish toy and that has joined with Ish to be your two favorite sleepy toys. When you wake up, you grab them before I get you out of bed and bring them out to play with. I know of no other boy with such a passion for fish!

I love when you wake up in the morning and I go get you. You're just such a sweet, happy thing. I see your still somewhat sleepy face just smiling so happily to see me, and I just wish I brought my camera everytime I go to get you! You are the epitome of adorable in my books. And daddy feels the same. The way you see him when he wakes up and you point and say "dada", and go play in bed with him, just starts his day off right. You truly are a joy.

I love you so so much, little handsome. I can't wait to see what a wonderful human you become, but at the same time I want you to stay my baby forever, just this way. I don't want you to grow up and not want to cuddle with me, or sing with me! But time marches on.... I'll keep my chin up and just keep being happy that you chose us, this family, to grace us with your life.

Happy 2nd birthday, J bird.

Love, mummy.