Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Addition!!!!

Meet Macey!
Hahahahahah. Not what you thought it would be, was it? "About that time", you're thinking... well, neener neener, gotcha! Sorry, the only new baby I plan on dealing with for now is this widdle cutie.
We adopted her because we'd been talking about getting another dog for awhile, and we happened on her, and she just snatched up our hearts with her little paws and took off. She's a black lab cross, but I think she looks more german shepherd than black lab. And who knows what gave her that skinny long tail!
The kids adore her, she's pretty good with them too, other than the odd excited puppy nip. Molly gets along with her too, good thing Molly's such a calm dog, because Macey has some spunk in her. The second night we had her she was trying to get Molly to play with her, and kept rearing up on her back paws and hopping at Molly with her front paws extended to the side. CJ and I were laughing so hard, it was the wierdest thing to see. And Molly just lay there like "you've socked three kids on me, how much worse can one puppy be..."
I have to admit, I love having her because she totally makes for a great target to practice with my camera. I'm paying for it through potty training her though. Blech. Have to say this makes me appreciate diapers a whole lot more.

Macey and Molly (and Ps hand, I believe)

How she lays sometimes. Cracks me up!
Can't leave the Mollster out!

Sleeping and hoping for food drops

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Rest of the Trip

a month later. Sorry...

This isn't all of them, you can see them all on Facebook. Here's the link if you're interested.

Sorry, these are out of order, we actually went to Disneyland before the beach, but rearranging photos on here is a huge PITA.

J harassing grandma for another sandwich
good thing they checked the spelling...

J and a tennis ball some players gave us at Venice Beach
passed out after a hard days work.
mmm... peaches.
family football

Boogie boards and surf
P and daddy
Damien and Trevor. Crazy boys, that water was cold!
P and uncles Trevor and Damien
P and auntie Camille
J and his balloon.
They wouldn't let P on Thunder Mountain, even though he got on Splash Mountain. He was just so upset, crying and saying "but I am a big boy now, mummy! I'm a big boy now..." ugh. Just broke my heart. Here he is, waving at the people on the ride.
P and uncle Trevor
P meeting Goofy. Wasn't really a fan.
J looooved the petting zoo
Cool girl
P and his owie. He was at the Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyers Island, and he fell and cracked the side of his head on a plank. Lots of blood, but no stitches. Absolutely wonderful nurses at Disneyland!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Trip, finally.

Now that I'm finally over that gross spider...

Highlights of our trip to southern California this month, part one: (there will be a second post in a few days, I have too many photos for one post, oops.)

Staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Zoo SeaWorld Area hotel. The kids had a bunk bed and a separator in between where our bed was and where they were. It was great, worth every penny (other than the parking. that was horrible, they were all compact car sized or something)!

Breakfast with Shamu. Absolutely amazing. Honestly one of my favorite memories of the trip. We had a table right beside the whales tank, and when we had started eating, P was standing in his chair looking over the border into the pool, and up slid Nakai, one of the orcas! Not even 5 feet from P, I'm not kidding. P just stood there on his chair, staring at Nakai. You could almost see him thinking "what the... am I supposed to... he's not going to eat me, right?!"

Pure. Awesome.

All in all, the kids were fascinated all day and next. Really, I think SeaWorld was more exciting for them than Disneyland. M loved the Journey to Atlantis ride, P loved the Sesame Street play area, and J loved all the different animals. J is firmly attached to "Ish", his Commersons Dolphin stuffed animal CJ got him. CJ got one for him and for P, he thought they were Shamu ones. Heheheh!

dolphin show (didn't stay long, we sat in the splash zone and P freaked out at being splashed. duh.)

from the Believe show:

Mission Bay Beach was fun too, M loved the ocean, P loved the sand, and J loved chasing the gulls.

Next day we swung by Sea World again for a little bit, then got to see the San Diego temple:

there was the largest, most vibrant hibiscus flower there:

then we went off to Anaheim to see Grandpa and Grandma, and uncles Trevor and Damien. We walked around downtown Disney (I think?), saw the way overpriced and massive Disney store, and then hit one of the slowest-to-serve-you restaurants I've ever been in.
P and grandpa and grandma:
M and the only thing I felt was decently priced at the Disney store:

P and grandpa

P and uncle Trevor