Tuesday, May 27, 2008

attention digiscrappers:

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didn't want the ad on my blog anymore. :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scan, scan and scan again

What's that number?
The number of photos I have scanned of my family photos. SO FAR.
Thank you Canon for making a wonderful scanner that doesn't conk out on me after 20. Heheheh!
What else... ooh! The kids made it into the paper, third page! M is making a whacky face, P has his head down, and you can see J peering out of his stroller trying to see what's going on. P's best buddy Isaac is the only one actually looking at the camera. Niiiiice. The kids had so much fun at Public Works Day though, even if the talking moving fire hydrant has scarred P for life. I'll scrapbook those pics and then you can see them. :o)

CJ was gone all of last week, up in the mountains, so I played single mum again. Was okay, until the last night, when J decided that sleep was only going to happen if he was being held. So he and I slept on the couch for the most part of the night. Unfortunately it hasn't gotten much better. I think it's *gulp* teething. His mouth is filled with hard bumps and his cheeks are red and he's a huge cuddlebug, doesn't want to be away from me for most of the time. And the cheek thing has aggravated his excema spot on his left cheek, someone asked me if he got burnt, it looks that bad!! I've been slathering Eucerin on it and Aquaphor, but I had to break out the prescription hydrocortisone because it's just so bad. Ugh. It's still not looking much better either!! Plus this teething pain has made him backtrack with his neck again, Charlene said his rotation is great (yay!) and his head shape is almost perfect (woo!) but he's still holding his neck at an angle, and his muscles are weak from that. She spent most of the PT session massaging his muscles and getting squawked at by J, he was NOT happy. So we have a new list of things to do and try with him, as well as having his TOT collar on him as much as possible. Which, combined with teething, makes him a grumpypants. I gave him some Tylenol for the pain tonight, hopefully he'll sleep better. knockonwood.
M had her last day of school last friday. Sniff. She already misses Ms Dana and asks for her. We dropped some roses and cards off for Ms Dana and Ms Rosy on Tuesday, and they were taking the rooms down. M got really quiet and shy, wouldn't look anyone in the eye, and wouldn't smile. Broke my heart, she was so sad. We're hopefully getting together with the rest of the class in June, she'll be happy about that. Her MLP (My Little Pony) obsession is alive and well, she seems to be wanting to get one of every color. I found one that had wings, but it was white and she already had white, so she didn't want it. Hello?! It has wings. WINGS!!! But all my whining and begging did nothing, she didn't want it. Mope.
P is going through a whiney stage. Half the time he's his usual cheerful hilarious self, but then the whines hit, and oh good law, take cover. "Noooooooooooooooo. Want jooooooooooce!!" "COOOOOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!!" Blah. But then he snaps out of it again and will have the funniest conversations with you. He's totally gullible and reverse psychology works awesome. Here's todays debate with CJ:
P- "it's a fiew twuck!"
CJ- "no, it's an ambulance" {it really was a fire truck}
P- "nooo. it's not ambulance. it's a FIEW TWUCK."
CJ- "no. ambulance."
P- "no. fiew TWUCK!!" *giggles*
CJ- "no, it's a fire truck."
P- "no, it's an ambulance!"
So funny!
He adores Thomas now, completely and utterly. Anything and everything that has a face like Thomas is dubbed Thomas. He has a Thomas bus, a Thomas helicopter, a purple Thomas train and a blue Thomas train. Don't ask me their proper names, it's all Thomas to me.
Okay, I'm so tired from the last few nights, I'm actually going to crawl into bed. Maybe I can catch the end of Hannah Montana-- I mean, Law and Order. yeah...........
**Oh, Shila and Staci: the cards we gave Ms Dana and Ms Rosy? Handmade by ME!!! All paper scrapping!! Aren't you impressed? I have pics, I have to download them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family History

{top: my grandma jo and papa} {middle: grandma jo} {bottom: grandma jo and her friends}
Aren't those just SO great?!?! Mum sent me a huge amount of old family pictures, and I've just now started scanning them in. Isn't it just so neat to look at photos of relatives and seeing "oh, mum looks just like her!", or "wow, M has her smile, doesn't she?" or "P has papa's cheeks!" I'm finally appreciating that we have these pictures, it's such a real way of seeing your family history. I'm excited for M, P and J to be able to look on these and see people they never had the chance to meet on earth, and to hear the stories about them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I know now about motherhood...

In honor of Mothers Day, and the giveaways going on on Notes From My Nest, here's a list I've made about what I know NOW about motherhood.

*Some of the most beautiful artwork is created in the tub with bath crayons.
*Thomas is the name for ALL trains, and any toy vehicle that has a face on it.
*Silence from behind a closed door never bodes well for the cleanliness of a room, be it a bedroom or a bathroom.
*Laundry will never be caught up, no matter how much you think you've done.
*Sometimes lunch at McDonalds is necessary to keep your sanity.
*Sometimes the toys from Happy Meals seem to multiply, even though you swear you threw them out at McDonalds.
*If your mum wished that your kids would be just like you when you were being naughty as a kid, you owe her. Big time.
*You will experience more worry and guilt than you ever have before, and that's just the first year.
*It only gets harder as they get older.
*While Matchbox cars {or any car of that size} are a great entertainment for little boy, especially while in church and trying to keep them quiet, they are not so great to step on in the middle of the night.
*Birth is one of the hardest things you'll ever be expected to endure, no matter how you ended up birthing. C-sections are NOT the "easy way out".
*There is nothing wrong with a Care Bear movie. It teaches them caring and sharing, and how to do a great Care Bear stare that will ward off a pesky little brother.
*Sometimes the doctor isn't right, and if you think this is the case, seek another opinion. Don't muffle your inner voice if it's saying that something is wrong, and trust your gut.
*Butterflies are "neeyoutiful", unless they are in the house. Then they become "bad buggies".
*Your kids will probably make you laugh so hard that you'll pee your pants at least once.
*Bubbles are a great invention and time-occupier. Just make sure that they go in a high place out of grabby hands reach. Otherwise be prepared to clean them up off the carpet, because they never seem to spill anywhere else.
*Crayons are another great invention. An even better invention are WASHABLE crayons. Trust me. The "washable" label makes aaaaallllllllllll the difference.
*And on that note, there are some things that even Mr. Clean and his magic erasers just can't get rid of.
*You're going to screw up sometimes. Nobody's perfect, and nobody should be expecting you to be.
*Ravioli and meat sauce is kidspeak for "time to try to dye ourselves red with this sauce". Ravioli {and spaghetti} night automatically means it's bath night too.
*A hug and a kiss can fix boo boos better than bandaids. But bandaids still help.
*Kids know some wonderful diversionary tactics. You'll be amazed at what you can get tricked into.
*Kids also know some ridiculous diversionary tactics. You'll be amazed at what they try to trick you into.
*Grandparents will always be accepted more than you. You're around more.
*Grandparents went through what you're going through, and are probably laughing at you on the inside. And also probably thinking "sucker.... it's about time you got payback." At least that what I'll be thinking when I become a grandparent.
*Grandparents are still parents, and have the most wonderful soft shoulders to cry on when it gets too much. And as much as they laugh on the inside, they also sympathize. Remember, you put them through it too, and they got their sanity back. So will you.
*I respect my mum on a million whole new levels for what she did for me as her daughter, as a single mum, as a working mum. She's my hero.
*I love you mum. Happy Mothers Day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Me? Somewhat... I've been doing a digiscrap page a day lately. Woo!!!!
Dawn was on my case that I didn't scrap poor P enough, so I've done two for him: And I did two for M:

And then one of the three of them!

Why so much digiscrapping? Well, I finally sucked it up and applied to some Creative Teams, and I made it onto two! Arti-Bytes and Tanyia Deskins, and I'm pretty excited. I love their work, which makes it really easy to make pages with their stuff. If anyone wants to see my gallery of pages, here's the link.

Now for the bad news. CJs car decided to crap out last night. It needs a new transmission I think? Anyways, it's costing us $300. Ouch. And then today my cell decided if his car didn't have to work, then neither did it. My 2, 8 and up and down keys no longer work. What the crack?! Anyways, we can't get a new cell for me yet since CJ's Snot Rocket {yes, I totally call it that. It deserves it.} ate up any extra funds from this paycheck. I might be able to get my number transferred to my old Nokia, but in the meantime I've been pretty hormonal today. This also means that Mothers Day will have to be postponed in the H household, which sucks. Plus J is in a growth spurt/teething time, and nights haven't been such fun here.

Tomorrow we have Splashtime with M's preschool class, with a potluck afterwards! It should be fun, all of us are going, so P and M will have a blast with the little slide in the water, and CJ can chase after them. J doesn't mind the water, so he and I will hang out.

Not much else to report, I don't think...

Friday, May 2, 2008

I survived!

Like there was any doubt I wouldn't... hee hee.

Everything was fine, I've just been too lazy to post. Plus I've taken on the enormous task of sorting through the kids outgrown clothes and I'm trying to figure out what I want to keep and what I want to sell/swap. I've gone through M's 2T-3T clothes (yes, my 3 year old is in 5-6, little giant) but I haven't gone through the baby clothes. Mostly because I know I'm going to have a rough time, since I love most of M's baby clothes. She had some cuuuute outfits... And I have to figure out what to do with P and J's stuff, do I save the 12month and up for J? I'll probably just keep what I love, trash what's too gunked up to sell, and sell/swap the rest, hopefully.

What else... oh, M has a new obsession of sorts. My Little Pony. Yep, a blast from the past... wish mum hadn't junked all mine, M would looooove how many I'd had! heheheh. P is still into trains and cars, in fact that'll probably be his new bedding. J just loves anything really. Well, except rice cereal. We got the go ahead to start solids with him, so he's had rice cereal twice now. Both times he's more fascinated with the bowl than the stuff in it. Last night we looked like we were doing a copy of The Incredibles, me making all the funny faces the mom makes when she's trying to feed Jack Jack. It works though, he stopped spitting most of it out, and started kind of copying me. Woo!

J had his six month check up on Monday, he's now 17lbs 13oz, 27in, and his head is a whopping 46.1cm. Over the 95th percentile, baby! I cracked up when I heard that. I make long, big headed babies, what can I say. She proclaimed him very healthy, very vocal and very cute. Durr. Then he got his shots. Five. Ouch. Two in each leg and one in the arm. I made CJ go in with him, and I heard him when he felt the shots. He was piiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed. He wasn't upset, he was just plain mad at the nurse and at CJ. You could almost hear him thinking "ooooh, if I could talk you do *not* want to know the words I would be using right now..." Then the door opened and he saw me and he immediately started whimpering for me. Oh, stroke my mummy ego, go on. He's doing fine now, seems like the after effects of the shots have gone away.

If anyone wants a good laugh, go to youtube and watch Jeff Dunham with his ventriloquist acts. Oh my gosh, we wasted the morning laughing hysterically at the videos on there.