Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, four year olds are a BLAST.

Okay, I posted this on one of my "imaginary friends" sites, but I didn't think I was brave enough to do it here. But since I figured out who my stalker was (it's so NOT the other way around, MaryBeth totally follows me everywhere), I figure I should post this. Maybe then she'll see just how whack my family is and be done with me. (Which would secretly make me sad, because who doesn't like a stalker? Plus she has a wicked sense of humor, it's like a twofer in a stalker!)

*deep breath*

We went to Target with Kim and Isaac like we do all.the.time, and we'd just had a snack at their food court, so the kids had their lemonade still as we were walking around. I made the mistake of putting M's lemonade by J in the seat of the shopping cart, forgetting that he likes--no, LOVES to play with cups. J takes it and drops it over the side of the cart, spilling lemonade all over the aisle floor. Luckily we're in the camping aisle in the back corner of the store, so no one around us. M gets upset and starts saying that she wants more lemonade, and I tell her "when we leave we'll get some more lemonade for you". Thinking that's the end of it, I move the cart forward so I'm not standing in lemonade and I'm talking to Kim about what I should do, whether to just scram from the aisle or be a good customer and call someone to clean it up, then I notice M isn't beside me, not a good sign.

She's freaking on her hands and knees, licking up the stupid lemonade from the floor. I let out a high-pitched screech, one that I probably couldn't imitate if I tried, yank her up, and book it out of the aisle, not stopping til we're at least five aisles away, where Kim finally catches up as she's still trying not to laugh hysterically.

Oh, and M was completely furious at me that I didn't let her "lick up" the lemonade. Apparently she was really thirsty.

I've got stellar mothering skillz, no doubt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fresh out of the proverbial oven...
and four years later...

My oh my, how time flies.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Six Years and Four Years...

Six years ago yesterday CJ and I were sealed. Wow. I thought five was a big number, but six feels bigger... wonder what ten will feel like. (I hope it feels like a big fat diamond.... kidding!) To celebrate CJ got me a new cellphone, an LG Voyager {which I am completely in love with, everyone knows I'm a big cell phone addict though.} , and took the kids and I to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner, after which we dropped the kids off with our friends Cole and Maria (he planned this out with them without me knowing) , and he took me to see Mamma Mia!!!! Ooooohhhhhh mygosh. I was SO. EXCITED. I've been dying to see it since the previews came out, but I thought I'd have to wait for my mum to come down to go with me. Everyone who knows CJ knows what a "mans man" he is. He likes sports, fishing, sleeping, and scary disgusting movies. Does NOT do chick flicks at all, it takes a lot for me to convince him he might like to see a chick flick, and it usually means renting it, rarely in the theatres. But he even admitted that he liked the movie. I personally looooooooooooooved it. Loved loved loved it, I was smiling and laughing through most of it. Ahhh, so good. Definitely going on my "must buy" list. The singing rocked, even though Pierce Brosnan singing is really wierd to see, James Bond doesn't seem like a singing man, know what I mean? CJ and I totally snorted with laughter when he'd sing, we're childish like that. The past six years have been the best ups and downs of my life, and I can't wait to see what the rest of our life brings us.
And tomorrow is M's fourth birthday. Just under four years ago I woke up with sharp pains, thinking it was just from sleeping funny, until I realized that they were coming every 5 minutes. And so it all began... this girl drives me crazy, makes me laugh hysterically, burst into tears, want to squish her with love, and she's only four. Can't wait for the teen years. End sarcasm. I adore her, worship the ground that she leaps across, and cannot imagine a life without her in it, bumps and roadblocks included. She has come such a far way in the last year alone, her speech has improved amazingly, and she's becoming so much more social, yet still holds back to evaluate every new situation. Truly she is a unique creature, full of love one minute and hysterical the next. 5 minutes later she's spitting nails about some mishap of justice done to her by P, and then 3 minutes later they're running in circles in the living room, laughing hysterically when one of them falls and the other trips over them. A comedy of errors, that's our house.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Struck by the Strep.

Yep, all of us, except J (*knockonwood*) have Strep Throat. It's so much fun. Really, I swear. Don't believe me? Yeah, I'm lying. Oddly the kids have no sign of it other than a very sensitive and prone-to-bleeding nose. CJ and I got whacked with the Strep stick hard though. Last week on Tuesday I took the kids to playgroup like usual, and then we went to Mickey Dees with Kim and Isaac (it's practically a tradition). Then we went to Walmart to get something and I started feeling off, like tired and not so steady on my feet. I bought Toy Story 2 (since I am HELLA sick of the first Toy Story, M and P want to watch it all the time), took the kids home and put J down for a nap. Popped TS 2 in and I totally fell asleep on the couch for an hour, til J woke up. Even after he woke up I fed him and got some toys for him, and set him up in the living room by me and catnapped while he played and M and P played/watched TS 2 again. I ended up getting a fever that evening after waking CJ up (he's on the midnight shift). Thank heavens I have an awesome husband who will play with the kids, feed them and then put them to bed, because I slept through all of it. He finally woke me up on the couch at 8:30 PM and sent me to bed, where I spent the rest of the night having whacky dreams about sharks and outer space (CJ was watching Shark Week on Discovery, apparently my subconsious was paying attention). Woke up feeling a bit better but my throat was killing me, and a week later it's still sore. I'm still a bit off balance, I don't have much of an appetite (which isn't such an evil thing, I've lost about 8 lbs), and I get tired easily, but the fever's gone. But poor CJ caught it about two days after I did, luckily on his days off.

So how did we find out that we all have Strep, since CJ and I are both too stubborn to go to the doctors? We took M because she has a nasty looking finger, and her nose looked really sore. The doctor walked in, looked at her and said "well, this will be nice and easy! It's Strep." Whaaa.... yep, apparently you can get Strep on your FINGER. Way to pick those boogers, M. The doctor took a culture and we'll hear back tomorrow if it's definitely Strep, and if so he's putting all of us on antibiotics (which M and P are on right now anyways). Fun times in the Humpherys household.

In better news, J had his 9 month checkup at his new doctors office (long story but we got fed up with the crap that UMC/UPH has been pulling and we found a new doctor in town). He's 28 inches, and 19 lbs 5 oz. And better, WE LOVE HIS DOCTOR!!!!!! Seriously, I feel like we haven't had a great doctor since we left Utah and Dr. Parzyche (man, I miss him), but Dr. Smith is awesome. Actually sat down and talked with me about everything -- his Torticollis, his eczema, all that. I'm really pleased with him, and J didn't scream at all. Plus each of their patient rooms are themed, painted in different kids cartoons. M loved it.

M starts preschool again next week. Does it make me a horrible parent how excited I am? She's with Miss Bonnie this year, she only has 6 other kids in her class, and she got to go to the school open house this week. We also saw Miss Dana and Miss Rosy, but M was in her usual "adjusting to a new situation", and really quiet. I told Miss Bonnie about her potty training, they're really excited for her that's she finally starting. We're going to work with her a little harder now that school's starting, and I want to find a potty chart for her since I'm starting to feel like I'm rotting her teeth out of her head with all the Skittles. But the kid knows what she's doing, she just forgets the cues.

M's birthday is 12 days away. I can't believe 4 years ago I was so huge and round and waiting for her to come out... I'd share her invites but some of you that read here are coming to her party so you'll have to wait til we've handed them out, then I'll share on here. M's pretty psyched, she knows she's getting a bicycle from Granny and her "big" present from us is a fish tank (not a huge one, but she doesn't care) and she keeps asking for her fishies. We're also getting a cat. Well... not getting a cat, but rehoming her. She's my cat from when I was at home, Isis, and I'm so excited to have her with me again. She's pushing 17 now, but she's still my baby cat and I just adore her, and she's great for snuggles. Hopefully she doesn't rip up the furniture or CJ might not be as great about it...

Okay, I'm so tired from this sickness, I'm going to bed. (If Mandy or Jesse are reading this, I'm sure they're snorting, because I never used to go to bed before midnight. Ahhh... the days...) But I'll leave you with a picture of my handsome Mister J in his Sunday best:

and this video of M singing on Camille's karaoke machine at her apartment. M so would have taken that home if she could.


and P on the drums: