Saturday, July 19, 2008

i suuuuuuuuuck.

Wow. Way to be way later than planned, eh? Life got in the way, I guess. I still haven't uploaded the pics from my Rebel either. Duh. Must do tomorrow... I need to give one of you ladies my cell number so you can text me and harass me daily til I do it. :)
Busy times. Fourth of July was tame, CJ had to work so the kids and I parked in the Lowe's parking lot to watch the fireworks. P was terrified at first, he had to hide in his carseat. But after he kept hearing M saying "WOW!!! OOOOOH!!!!" and so on at the top of her voice, he peered over the back of the seat and watched them. J was a bit stunned at them, but I held him the whole time anyways, so who knows if he was scared.
We found out there *is* a pediatric PT here in town, and we were lucky enough to get J in with her!! Originally the wait was until September, but they called me the afternoon of the day I called and said they had a spot open the next day and could we come? Uh... yes, yes we can! So J is now being seen down here, so no more $60 one hour trips to Tucson for that. It's still costing us $40 per session (I know, ouch, eh?), but I can suck that up when I don't have to fill up a tank to go. J's getting stronger about pulling himself up, and has even gotten up on his hands! A big feat with Torticollis, so I'm really happy. One of the exercises I do with him is propping him up on his knees when he's on his tummy, and he seriously think it's one of the funniest things. He just starts giggling every time. At least he doesn't complain about that one like he does his other exercises! He's such a studious baby, everyone seems to say so. He's very calculated in what he does, like today Kim was holding him for me, and I went over and held my arms out for him. He turned towards me, looked me up and down, and decided "yes... I think I'll come to you", and slowly tipped towards me. Or when he's got his Gerber Puffs in front of him, you can almost see him thinking "hmmm... okay, I'll open my hand and go for that pile over there... ah, success!" By far my most serious of babies, yet so smiley too. He's charmed every single one of the older sisters at Church, they all think he's flirting with them. Who knows, it's very likely he could be.
M starts preschool up again in a month, I can't believe it. I'm excited and sad for her to go back though. She also has her 4th birthday in exactly one month. WOW. We're having a double party with Isaac, since his birthday is the day before. He's turning 2. We're renting a bounce house and got the pagoda at the park that's right next to the playground, so the kids should all have a blast. She's been so excited for her birthday for a few months now, and today we went to Bryson's birthday and she LOVED it. So now she can't wait for her birthday even more! Her "big" present is going to be a bicycle. Yeah, she got one for Christmas but she's already too tall for it so it got sold at the yard sale. Anyways, Granny and Papa are getting her that, and her big present from us is an aquarium. She loves animals and loves seeing the fish at Walmart, and has been asking for a "fishie" for almost 6 months. Obviously she's not going to be in complete charge of it, but it'll be fun for the kids. Plus Molly won't be likely to eat it.
P is doing great, such a little boy! Thomas take alongs have been on clearance at our Target (my home away from home), and so he's got quite a little collection of them now. I found the Cranky the Crane on clearance for $14, so it's stowed away for his birthday in November, provided I can hold myself back long enough to not give it to him. He loves to go to the park behind our house and just go down the slides for as long as he's able, and he almost always got someone chasing him, which he thinks is great.
And our big news..... M is finally potty training!!!!!!!!! *run around the house screaming for joy and fear* Yep, I really thought P would potty train first, and he actually did pee on the potty first. Once M saw that he got a bunch of Skittles for it, it was like a light went on. She's far from fully trained, but I'm not rushing her, and I think once school starts again and she sees how other kids her age go on the potty too, she'll probably be fully trained soon. But she tells me when she feels like she has to pee, and she goes and sits on the potty, and pees!! So proud of herself too.
Okay, it's late and ChaCha still isn't working for me (more on that another time), so I might as well toss in the proverbial towel and go to bed, especially when Church is in.... less than 9 hours. Whoops.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Humpherys Rock!!

Back from our road trip to Idaho, where we went to the Humpherys Family Reunion. It. Was. AWESOME!! {name that movie} Mercy and Porter had a blast with all their cousins, and CJ had a great time fishing with Shawn, and I loved talking with all the female cousins and wives there. Hilary and I had some great chats about pretty much everything, and Mary Lynn, Stephanie, Hilary and I all discovered we're stalking eachother via blogs. Blog stalkers unite!! :) Anyways, time to out ourselves and start posting in our blogs more, right? Right! Heheh. I'll upload pics tomorrow, I'm tired tonight, and a storm is blowing through.
We stopped in Vegas first to stay with mum a few nights and swim in her pool (and also hit up ON and the awesome sale they had going on), and then we went to Provo and got to hang out with Russ and Ashley and the boys that night. J and Owen are still about the same size, J weighs more, but oh wow, Owen is on the MOVE!! That boy is fast, I can't believe how quick he moves! Poor J is still in slug mode. The next day we loaded up with Camille in tow, and headed off to Idaho Falls (where we stayed) and then Heise Hot Springs, where the reunion was. Most everyone camped, but with the kids at this age, I just needed a hotel. lol! Anyways, they had a dutch oven cookoff, but we were late so we brought bread. Go us. Hey, it all got eaten, that's what matters. Mostly we just ate, laughed, talked, and laughed more. It didn't get dark until well after 10, so we completely lost track of time. Crazy!!
Saturday we spent the morning at the pool and slide, M loved it, P and J... not so much. And I forgot to put sunblock on myself, so my shoulders and back have a lovely burn. I didn't get in the water much, was too busy taking pictures. M wanted to go down the slide more, but wouldn't go with Camille, so we conned M into going down the slide with Camille by letting M walk up the stairs alone and Camille followed her up without her knowing. Pretty funny. I didn't know what spot in line they were and was worried I'd miss them, but I didn't have to worry about that, Camille and M yelled/screamed the whole way down. Camille won M's heart after that! We went back to the campgrounds for lunch, then back to the pool, this time we tried the hot pools, nice. Then back to the regular pool, but it was PACKED. The line for the slide was all the way to the bottom of the stairs. So we called it a day and went back to the camp. CJ and Shawn went fishing (of course right before dinner), but when they got back we got pizza. Mmmm. piiiiizzaaaaa.
Next day we packed up and headed back to Provo, then to South Jordan to have dinne with Brian, Amber, Lexi and Aiden. Mercy was so pleased to see Lexi again, they had a blast jumping on the trampoline and playing in the sandbox!! It was nice to sit and chat with Amber too, and to throw every object possible for the dog to catch.
Next day we headed back to Utah, but on the way there we were going to stop and switch, since CJ was getting tired, but he felt like he should keep going. Within the next few minutes, he felt like the air was off in the tires, and then suddenly he turned the radio off and started slowing down. I asked him what he was listening for, and he said "that!" and we heard a humming, and then suddenly a pop and we started kind of swerving. Luckily CJ had slowed enough that he got it under control fast, and pulled off to the side of the road. He got out, and one of our rear tires had completely shredded the tread from the rims of the tire!! Luckily clouds were overhead and a wind was blowing, because otherwise it would have been roasting out. CJ got the spare on after a bit of struggle (we have runners on our van which makes placing the jack kinda hard), and we drove into Cedar City, found a Big O Tires and $250 later, we have two shiny new tires on our car. Got into Vegas and ate with mum and crashed!
Next day mum had to work so we took the kids to Fremont Street and just played there. M got a "tattoo" (airbrushed, don't worry) and we got P a CSI t-shirt, and ate at a typical buffet and wandered around. CJ lost all our quarters on the slots {bwahahaha} and then we headed home, and out to dinner at Olive Garden. Of all the restaurants I miss from a big city, that's my favorite. Mmmm. I got the Chicken Caprese, oh, I was in HEAVEN. P was so cranky at first, waiting to eat, but as soon as he got a breadstick in his fist he was a happy guy. M chugged her lemonade and promptly brought it back up, all over herself and CJ. Lovely. I rushed her out to the car, where we happened to have a spare outfit (we are prepared), and then wiped her down in the restroom. Luckily (?) she hadn't really eaten anything yet, so it was mostly lemonade. Blech. Poor CJ looked like he'd wet himself. Plus there was a spot on his chest, so it totally looked like he'd... well, like he'd lactated on himself. I was trying not to laugh, but didn't really succeed. I guess I owe him a guys night out at Chili's or something. Came home and played in the pool, and then crashed.
Then today, we drove home. Wheeee. :)
Hope everyone is well and to the Humpherys, SO good to see you all, I am so glad we went to the reunion!!! I really wasn't wanting to go, because of how much time it would be driving, and with the insane cost of gas, but the fun we had and the chats we had made it worth it, plus to see Amber and Ashley. Anytime anyone feels like coming to Arizona, give us a call! (Like if you get ticked off enough at your husband. Ha!)