Friday, February 22, 2008

An Analogy of M&P

I was chatting with my dear dear friend Eggers, and trying to explain M&P's relationship these days, and I came up with the perfect analogy for them.

M is like a lion, and P a hyena. The hyena pesters the crap out of the lion and usually gets away with it, scurrying away while "laughing" hysterically. But every once in awhile the lion snaps and TOTALLY lays the smackdown on the hyena, and the hyena screams and runs away as fast as possible.
That, dear people, is how M&P work.

Sometimes it seems like P is growing up so fast, and I can't keep up. He's gone from being so dependant on me and still being baby-like to being a big boy, cleaning up his toys on his own and eating all by himself, and being SO independant. I can't stand it, I miss when he would just sit and cuddle with me whenever I asked, and when he would cry when I left the room! It feels like time is passing too quickly, I look at recent pictures of him and think "what?? when did that happen! when did he sprout into such a BOY!" and I silently cry for my baby back, and for lost moments...
And then I turn around and he's smeared applesauce all over the table while banging his bowl around, and his diaper has leaked all over the bench. And I realize that maybe I don't have to worry about him growing up TOO fast.


Meg aka Eggers said...

I still can't get the concept that time flys by so fast. I think of P as that little bundle of Paco that we waited for for a long 9 months and all of the sudden, he sprouted into a little man??? Life works in mysterious ways. *Sigh*

Greg, Karin, Kylee, Sarah and soon Emma too! said...

He is too adorable! I think that same stuff a lot of time....but usually my never mind thoughts are....but when they grow up i'll have sleep or be able to actually take them out in public without being humiliated!