Thursday, May 20, 2010


Maybe I don't need to be rich, famous, have fancy things and a huge house, or any of the stuff that most of us secretly wish for.

Maybe being me is okay.

Because it means I get to buy $1 watercolors from Walmart, fill some sparkly shaky cups up with water, and then I get to watch masterpieces being created right before my eyes.

I get to see the intense thought process that goes into creating a work of art.

Oh, those eyelashes.

I get to watch beauty creating beauty.

I see bystanders who appreciate art being created in front of them, even if they don't want to create themselves. They just want to snack and watch.

Maybe seeing the annoyance of an artist at having a camera in their face, maybe that's more entertaining than watching the latest TV show. It's certainly cuter.

Yes, definitely cuter. Even the "really... you're doing this now? I'm a little busy." look.

I get to appreciate the sheer amount of color that comes into your life when you have children. And I don't just mean the amazing variety of shades that Crayola has managed to come up with.

Maybe having a mess to clean up is okay, because of what and who created that mess.

Maybe I need to remember that more.
Yes, I definitely need to remember that more.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Do you ever feel like you're teetering on the edge of something, unsure of whether to jump or not? The edge of greatness, edge of madness... the edge of something. That's where I feel like we are right now. Teetering. We're at the end of the school and joy school year, the end of ballet until August, the beginning of summer, the beginning of not having to do almost anything all week... I think that might be the scariest of all. Which is cuh-razy, since I love my sleep. Anyways...

I can't really say *why* exactly I'm feeling like this, it's probably just spring fever or the likes, but I still feel like it's time to take the leap.

I just need to figure out what that is.

I have a ton of things I want to do, or try to do, but the thought of starting to try them is giving me anxiety, because I'm kind of a chicken like that. For instance, I have a sewing machine, but the only thing I've made on it were tutus. Which turned out really cute, but if you think I've tried anything since them... no. Too chicken. I'd love to learn to make things, but I intimidate myself out of things so well.

So how do I get over these things? I probably just need to dive in head first and so on. But I am sooo not a good diver. Ugh. Sorry, I'm rambling all over the place.

And on another ramble.

We have been lucky lucky lucky enough to be getting a new Temple built that's two hours away. It's beautiful. Beeeautiful. They had an open house for it and my mum flew in so we got to go as a family and the kids got to see the inside of the Temple. P told me the Temple was NOT orange and blue like he thought it would be, but it is white and has lots of sparkles, and that he felt very happy when he was inside of it. Exact words: "mum, I was mad before I went in the temple, but then when I got i...nside, I wasn't mad anymore! It made me feel happy!" Be still my heart... J was most interested in the baptismal font, he said that it looked hot and that he wanted to go swimming in it. M was interested in the art, and really loved the celestial room. All in all, it was a beautiful, happy day. And of course I forgot the memory card for my camera, so this is from my mum's Blackberry.