Saturday, April 2, 2011

.:.Quinn Louise.:.

Our final four is here!! Quinn Louise was born on her due date, March 17th, at 6:11am. Yup, a St. Patrick's Day baby! I was induced the night before so the labor from start to end was just under 12 hours. I won't bore you with her birth story, just that she was a 2VBA2C, very pleased with that! We could not be more in love, truly. She's the sweetest little baby, loves to be held and snuggled all the time. Makes sleeping interesting, but there's something about looking at a sweet newborn that makes the sleepiness a little bit more bearable. Mercy, Porter and Jameson are all great with her, I was a bit worried about J because he's so used to being the youngest, but he's actually the one who wants to be around Quinn the most, always loving on her and holding her hand. Mercy is a little mother to her, and Porter loves on her when he remembers that she's here but most of the time he's too busy playing to notice.

The mouse on my desktop isn't working so I haven't been able to upload photos off my camera, but here's one off of my cell phone. Can you see why we're so head over heels?