Thursday, November 5, 2009

To Mister P

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Mister P-Man...
4 years old. Wow! I can't believe how time flies... you've definitely come into your own this year though. That's good and bad, by the way. You've become so independent, but oh the attitude that can come with that. But you're usually just so happy and laughing, everyone comments on how infectious your laugh is. When you get giggling, there's just no stopping it, and half the time the people around you start laughing too, just because of how much you laugh.
I love how much you love me. You still love to cuddle with me and talk with me and laugh with me, and I love it! It makes me so happy that you still feel so close to me. You're starting to play better with daddy, which makes me happy too. The two of you find it so funny to wrestle and throw pillows at eachother, and J is starting to get in on it too. You boys and your games!
You and M are starting to butt heads more often, but I suppose that's just because of the both of you getting older. I still catch you giggling hysterically with eachother about some silly thing you two have discovered or are doing, hiding in your room. You keep eachother up at night doing little things that annoy the other too though. You just loooove to send M over the edge so that she's practically spitting nails! Oh, the two of you...
But I just can't get over your smile. You're one of the sweetest little boys, just so caring and sensitive. You always know when I'm sad, you come over and give me hugs and kisses. One time you even said "I don't want you to be sad, mummy... I want you to be a happy mummy" which of course, made me cry even more. Such a sweet boy. Your uncles adore you too, and you had such a blast with them on our vacations this year. The three of you spent the majority of your time together laughing and playing and just having a great boyish time. Your grandparents all love you and think the world of you, and how could they help that? You're just so charming! People warn me that you'll have the girls chasing you before long, and I don't doubt that. Not that you'll notice for awhile; you're too into your cars, trains and dinosaurs!
I love you P-man. I truly truly do. You make my heart happy, and I'm glad you're mine all mine.
Happy 4th birthday!!