Thursday, November 4, 2010

Isn't She Lovely

Walk down memory lane with that song; I used to sing it to Mercy while dancing around the living room to get her to go to sleep when she was a newborn... it doesn't FEEL like that was so long ago, but 6 years... whoa.

Anyways, the title is actually not about her. It's about this one.

Yep, we had our 20 week ultrasound, with my mum and all three kids in tow. We let Mercy ditch school because she missed the first ultrasound and really, really wanted to be there to find out if Lizard {since J was so insistent that the baby was actually a lizard, not a baby} was a boy or a girl. We had an awesome ultrasound tech who pointed everything out to us, telling us what was being measured and how it all looked. Mercy was into it, Porter was 'eh' on it and J was a bit creeped out by it. Ha! Finally she asked if we wanted to know what the baby is. I think my mum was about to jump out of her skin with excitement. So she moved the wand down to the baby's bottom area and I knew as soon as I saw.

We are definitely thinking pink here.

Mercy is over the moon excited for a sister. To be truthful I think she would have been fine with a baby brother too, she's not one of those kids that really forms an opinion and is heartbroken to find out they're wrong. She's been quite... interesting... with her name suggestions, but none is better than Jameson's idea. He thinks baby girl should be named Broccoli. After his favorite food. Erm...

We're all very happy, but we're mostly just happy that the baby is looking happy and healthy. We don't have any name for baby girl just yet, but I'm sure she'll have one within a few days of being born at the latest. I'm having a hard time believing that the holidays are almost upon us and after they're over, the next big event will be baby girl's arrival. This pregnancy is flying by so much faster than any of my other ones, which is probably good because I'm not the most patient person in the world. Plus all the junk that's been going down lately... well, I'll save that for a post tomorrow perhaps. Let's just say that when it rains, it pours, and I'm feeling quite soaked right now.