Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She's Crossing That Rainbow Bridge...

And oh, how I'm going to miss her.

I've had the privilege and blessing of knowing Isis since I was 13 years old, I believe. She was a loud mouthed cutie patootie, and I had to have her. Her stripes, her long legs, her huge eyes... she captured me from the moment I met her.

She was my confidante during my teen years, when I needed a cuddle and someone who would listen to the ridiculous, what felt like drama-filled woes of an awkward girl in an awkward stage of life, and not try to correct me or guide me.

She used to wait around the corner for our other cat, a... ahem... large white grouch named Princess. Isis would watch the mirrors in our entryway for Princess to come waddling by, crouch down... and jump out right in front of Princess at the perfect moment, scaring the holy out of Princess, and then Isis would leap away down the hall. Oh man. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

She also had an obsession with never-blown-up balloons and elastic bands. She used to stalk them at night, pounce on them and then toss them up, play, all the funny stuff cats do with their toys. And sing. Oh good law, would she sing. The most unearthly, creepy, loud sound, I can't even imitate it without looking like a loonie. But as soon as the balloon got a few holes or the elastic broke, she was done. She wouldn't look at them again, apparently she only liked the good stuff.

She was such a great cat. Great with the kids, they all loved her. M especially. She just got to stay with my mum and Isis for two weeks, and got to take care of Isis. I tried explaining that Isis isn't doing well and that she was going to go to Heaven, but I don't know how much her 5 year old brain understood of that. We got on Skype tonight to say goodbye to Isis and let Mercy be able to tell her that she loves her and will see her again, so I'm glad we at least did that. We're going to miss calling grammy and hearing Isis meow to us when we would call to her on the phone.
I have so many more stories and all sorts of photos, but they're all in my head or not scanned in the computer, and sadly, this is all I have on here right now. I know she's "just a cat" to some people... but she was mine, and I've loved her even when she was driving me nuts.

Godspeed Icey cat. We love you so much, thank you for gracing us with your presence for so long. Cross that rainbow bridge and chase Princess across a field for me.