Friday, March 28, 2008

Another layout!

Even though this is a simpler layout, this one actually took me longer than the others I've done lately. All because I love fonts waaaaaaay too much and just couldn't pick the perfect one! Anyways... I won a tutu from Fuzzy Me a month or so ago, and M adores it. It's so cute, but I'm really paranoid about her ripping it or something equally ridiculous {because M is such a neat and tidy kid... *snort*} so I don't have a ton of pictures of her in it yet. Plus whenever she is in it, she's running and dancing everywhere, so my pics come out blurry!! BOOO. Anways, here it is:


Who's that slacker over there? It's me! It's me!

We're all alive, some barely, but definitely alive.

Let's see... Wednesday was J's PT again. Seriously, Charlene ROCKS. We also had a nursing student observing and J was turning the charm on all over her. She walked in and he just stared for a few seconds, and then his mega watt smile hit, and she was a goner. He got pretty grumpy about his neck being massaged, so I nursed him for a bit and he dozed off but woke up. We went onto the mat for more exercises and he got distracted from the grumpies and did *really* well!! Charlene's 11am appt cancelled so she asked if we wanted to keep going since he was doing so well. So we got another half hour session! We got him to rotate to the left to about 65 degrees, when he would only go to 45 the last week, woot! She has a toy there that he just loves, it's pretty funny to watch him do anything in his power to get that toy.

P is sick yet AGAIN. ugh. poor kid. He was sick last week but we thought he was better. Apparently not, or else he's caught yet another bug. He's been running a temperature for about 2-3 days, and just not interested in doing much. He's lost some weight, and he just looks SO skinny. It's not like he had any fat to start with, and now... makes me sad. His temp yesterday afternoon was 103.5 but the doctor said to keep alternating the tylenol and motrin, and if it goes over 104 to take him in to the ER, but if it stays about the same to call in in the morning and get him in to see the doctor. Loooovely. First, the boy hates thermometers even in the armpit (really. he screams the whole time) and second, he hates the doctor even more than the thermometer. But he woke up for a diaper change in the middle of the night (he's been drinking a ton, which is good) and he felt much cooler, so fingers crossed his fever's broken, because I really just don't want to deal with the doctor. I don't have much good to say about him, but we haven't switched M and P up to the doctors in Tucson yet. I heard through the mom vine that this doctor's retiring anyways, so who knows where they plan to shuffle my kids. I plan to shuffle them on up to tucson.

M's doing great with school, and yes, I still have a hard time dropping her off. Probably more because she rarely minds leaving me. No fair. They had school pictures on monday, and I spent most of the morning tossing shirts everywhere, trying to figure out what to put her in. Finally, with Megs all knowing help, I settled on a pink polo shirt with pigtails and, of COURSE, some pink bows from Karyn. I cannot WAIT to see what they look like! M hasn't been pleased with P not wanting to play with her, and tries to force him into fighting with her. It's entertaining and irritating all in one.

I'm starting to get back into my digiscrapping mojo, and got about 4 pages done since this weekend. But I've been a GROUCH lately though, poor CJ. The stupidest things tick me off, it's insane. J's been starting to sleep through the night, so maybe hormones are all over because of that....? Bah, whatever. But in a week I will TRY not to be grouchy, because....... i'm going to vegas, baby!!!!!! Me and the kidlets are going to visit mum for a few days, since Peggy (my dearest friends mom) is flying in to visit mum and she's never met any of the babes. I am SOOOOOO excited. Really. SO. VERY. excited. plus!! PLUS!! I'm going to break the fast with gaily! *swoon* I can't wait to get out of this town for a few days. Good food, good shopping, grrrrrrreat company, awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I think i've preened enough.

So who wants to see my new pages? What, no one? Too bad. My blog, my rules, sucka.
{Click on the pictures to see them bigger}

These are some of my favorite pictures ever of P. It totally shows the little boy in him.

For a challenge on Weeds & Wildflowers

Because she'll hate me as a teenager anyways, why not make it worth it?

J would NOT go to sleep a few nights ago, so I snapped a picture of it and scrapped it. Just because he's the cutest, sweetest baby doesn't mean there aren't down times.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vote for J!!


A few months ago on a whim I decided to enter J in a baby photo contest on Born Fabulous Boutique, and I just found out that he made the finals for cutest newborn!! *insert confetti here* Aaaaanyways, if you would all be the loverly sweethearty darling friends that I know you are and go to their blog and post a comment that you vote for Jameson as the cutest newborn, I would LOOOOVE it. :o)
{oh, and yes I know the date is wrong on this post, but I'm going to keep it at the top of my blog for a bit. Suck as many votes as I can out of lurkers and such. *wink*}

ETA: we didn't win. *mope* BUT... there was an awful lot of anonymous votes for the winner, so I am suspicious. And slightly bitter. Heee!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

more -isms

Some more kidisms for you to enjoy!

P has a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that he loooves. He was sitting by my desk playing with it, when M wanders over and plops down next to him. She says "that's a car!" and he replies "no, s'not a car, it's a choo choo twain!" M looks at him and says "noooo, issa CAR." and P stops playing and shows her the toy as if to be like 'look at it, woman!' and says "NO. it's a choo choo TWAIN." They went back and forth like that for another 2 minutes, I swear, both of them dead serious as if they were debating.

M comes over to me talking about lunch, and accidentally lets out a burp. She gasps and says "ohhh! Mercy BERT!" Then she starts singing "A B C D..." and does a fake burp. She looks at me and says "Mercy bert AGAIN!!" and goes off to play some more.

When either M or P isn't listening, I tell them they have til the count of five to do ask I'm asking. Now whenever P is doing something M doesn't want him to do, she'll put her hands on her hips and say "enough, Portey! One... Two... Fwee..."

After we read scriptures (or, in Mercy-ese, "scoop-scoops") every night, M always says thank you to us.

Porter banged his head on the table yesterday and was hysterical, and Mercy ran over to him and hugged him and kept saying "Issokay, Portie, issokay! Awww, you need a bendie (bandaid)? You need a kissie? Issokay!"


Yay, it's me, updating! :)

The weekend was fun, on Saturday we went to the St.Paddy's Day parade in town with Kim, Tim and Isaac. I don't think it would have been more than 5 minutes long if all the law enforcement and emergency vehicles hadn't been in it too, but P absolutely LOVED seeing them! He just stood and stared at the police cars, the fire trucks and, his favorite, the ambulances. One of the firetrucks was nice enough to start his sirens right in front of us, P almost jumped out of his own skin in excitement. Heheheh! M got a ton of candy, people kept going up to her and handing her more, CJ was shoving it into all her pockets to try and help her hold it all. J spent most of the time being held and cuddled up in his nice warm blanket because there was such a nasty and biting wind that day, brrrrr. Of course I forgot my camera because I got skillz like that. Saturday night we buzzed P's hair off. Well, CJ did. P was NOT entertained, but he sure looks CUTE!

Sunday was church, but we didn't last through all of it because of a few things. The lights went out right in the middle of sacrament (most of the kids there thought it was hilarious), but the backups turned on pretty fast. Unfortunately, that left the classrooms and {more importantly} the bathrooms without any light. Not a big deal for the regular rooms since they all have windows, but not so good for the bathrooms. They ended up propping the doors open to get light in there, and really... who wants to go pee when the whole hallway can hear you? I took P to nursery and told them that his shoes were a bit too big and that's why he kept tripping, and they said "oh, that's fine... who is this?" They didn't recognize him without his hair!! I guess P had a slight fever and just wanted no part in nursery, so by the time Sunday School was over, we called it quits and headed home, and just hung out there.

Monday we went to Target to wander and then to Peter Piper Pizza with Kim and Tim, and the kids had such a blast!! The weather was so wierd all day; it was sunny, then rainy, then SNOWING, then sunny again, then hail, then snow, then rain. Whew, hahah! CJ was tinkering with his car, so M and P played a bit in the rain, having a blast. (J was inside asleep)

Yesterday we went to Tucson for J's physical therapy appointment for his Torticollis. OMG, I LOVE his PT. Love love love love her. She's so sweet and caring and just great with J, he was smitten right away. He smiled and flirted all the time, even when he didn't like what she was doing. Anyways, she took all sorts of measurements of his head, and proclaimed his Torticollis to be mild (yay) and then jumped right in to showing me all the exercises to do with him at home. I'm slightly overwhelmed by it all, but she was just so helpful and sweet, and once she found out we were coming from an hour away, she said she thought she might know some people trained to assist with Torticollis in our town and would look into it. She showed me about 9 exercises to do with him and she said to always be aware of it and be trying to do something to help his neck as much as i could. We were with her for 1.5 hours, and thank HEAVENS for Kim (and Isaac), she sat with M and P in the waiting room the whole time watching them. The waiting room was great too, all sorts of toys. Whew! We go back in a week for more PT and assessing, and probably the next week, and then we'll hopefully go to every two weeks, and go from there. OOH!!!! I forgot!! J rolled over from front to back for the first time yesterday too! YAY!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i can't help myself.

I've been eyeing and drooling over gDiapers for at least six months now, ever since I was sitting in the lab office waiting for my one hour GTT to be done and I came across an article on them in Time magazine. They're cloth diapers without all the washing, basically. I'm truly fascinated by them and have been entering every giveaway and contest I can find for them, but I'm getting to the point that I just might have to suck it up and buy a starter pack just to see how great they are. Here's the latest contest for them!

MommyKnows and (a great place to shop and learn about cloth diapers) are hosting the bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper Give Away.Go on over and comment and be entered to Win one of two bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers.

Another awesome giveaway is going on at Hip Mama's Place. she's giving away a Fleurville Lexie Tote, which is another thing I've been drooling over since I saw the Fleurville catalogue last year. Hip Mama does the greatest reviews, very honest and forward about what the verdict is, plus there's a mom blog directory (which I need to remember to sign up on!). All in all a great site to wander around, not a dull area on the thing!

Kidazy is giving away a $100 gift certificate to Toys R Us just for wandering around their site and blogging about it!! They find the neatest things to review!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In a Rut.

I'm in a rut. Like a big, fat, hole-y rut. I can't seem to get my mojo back for digiscrapping, I don't feel like editting and playing with my photos, I don't want to really do anything. I have no clue why, I thought spring was typically when you felt new energy, got active again... not so much here. I feel like a slug, getting by day to day. Ugh. This is not me, or at least it didn't *used* to be me. In college I used to be up for doing anything and any time of day or night. I loved hanging out with friends, going anywhere. Now... well, no. Then again, it's so different now than it was ten (!!!) years ago. There's a house, a husband, three children and a dog underfoot, it's not like I could just pick up and go anywhere. Heck, I'm hoping to get together with some friends in Santa Barbara sometime this year, and I can't even figure out how to do that!! Bah. I never was much of a time scheduler. And I know that if I would just open up my PhotoShop and pull up a picture and some backgrounds, I could probably start getting back in the groove of things... but that step just seems so gigantic sometimes. And it's probably a bit of laziness on my part. Catastrophic and lazy, that's me!

To make this a bit cheerier, I'm going to share some -isms from my kids that crack me up.

Dictionary a la M~
ravioli: "yummy-lollies"
jellybean: "jolly-bean"
coke: "black sprite"
chips: "tips"
chicken: "chinen"
potatoes: "tatos"
spaghetti: "sgetti"
cheerios: "heart cereal" {the cereal is in a heart shaped bowl on the box}
teddy graham cookies: "carebear cookies" {because obviously all teddy shaped things are carebears}
apple: "appow"
muffin: "nuffin"
ms. rosy: "miss wohzy" {she's the assistant in M's preschool}
Thomas: "pwomise" {have NOOO clue why. we try correcting her and she insists it's not Thomas, it's pwomise.}
when she's sad: "i sad. i crying." and then slumps her shoulders and bows her head. {it's all very sad the first time you see it. then it gets funny.}
when she's getting mad: "i'm not kidding!!"
when she did something she didn't expect: "oh snaaap!"

Dictionary a la P~
muffin: "elephant" {he thinks M is saying that when she asks for a muffin. it's pretty funny.}

There's other funny P-isms, I just can't think of them right now, since he's happily snoring away in bed. Lucky boy.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog Party Time!!!

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party, and of course I feel the need to play along!

For those who don't know me, I'm Laurie. I'm a British-born Canuck living in southern Arizona (how's that for confusing?). I've been married to CJ for 5 craaazy years, but we've known eachother for 9 years. We have three children who we adore and who drive us crazy all at the same time: Mercy, who's 3.5 years old, Porter, who's 2 years old, and Jameson (J), who's 4 months old. M and P were both c-sections, but J was a vaginal birth, my VBA2C, and I am SO proud that I was able to accomplish that.

We are also LDS (mormon). CJ was born and raised LDS, I joined the Church when I was 13. We met at an LDS college, Southern Virginia, 1998/99. We started dating and then he went on his 2 year mission to Bilbao Spain, while I went back to Canada and then over to Scotland for a year to train with horses. He got back in 2001 and started at BYU. I came back from Scotland in 2oo2 and 5 months later we got married. :D M joined us two years and two days after that, then P came along 14.5 months later. And J was born two weeks shy of two years after that.

I love to scrapbook, both paper and digital, but lately it's been much easier to do digital, plus I can do more without shelling out a ton of money. I don't really post on any specific digiscrap sites, but my dear friend Jesse sells on Designer Digitals, so go visit her. :D I love crafty things, I just tend to never finish them. I'm slowly learning to quilt, or at least I keep telling myself that when I look at the fabric sitting in the closet.

I love taking photos too, thanks to some great friends I'm learning to take better ones. Mostly of my kids, since that *is* my constant surroundings, plus southern Arizona... well, it's not that pretty on the eyes. At least right now... we did just have some daffodils bloom though, so hope is on the horizon! I also am trying to do a 365 day challenge, I have a blog for it. Check it out and leave a comment on your favorite pic!

I am sliiiiiightly sarcastic, or as my mum says, I'm "quick witted". I love getting in a good verbal sparring match with CJ, because he can never think of retorts as fast as I can, and it just gets plain hilarious listening to us. He's the cool calm guy while I'm the on-edge, snarky girl. We're an interesting pair, but it works for us, and any of our friends will tell you that. I'm also a pessimist and a bit catastrophic, but to each his own. I'm trying to work on it...

I love the fun things you can find on the internet, and I've made some amazing friends on here that I doubt I'd have had the courage to talk to if we'd met in a store or something. Plus I've found some friends from college and the likes that I'd lost touch with, and it's so great being able to see what they're up to and see them with kids! I don't feel like it was that long ago, but time flies and all that jazz.

Ooh! I can't forget this: one of the things I do in downtime or when I need a break from the kids is I help my dear friend Karyn out and edit photos of her bows for her. Karyn owns Little Pink Ladybug and is one of the BEST bowmakers you'll find. Seriously, the bows she comes up with... insane. And she's one of the sweetest, kindest people you'll ever meet. The woman's got class AND talent! Plus she gives me bows in exchange for the tiny bit of work I do for her. I'd do a giveaway as part of the blog party, but I don't think I could part with any bows she might donate. LOL.

OOPS!! My prize list!!

A $50 gift certificate to JuJu Beane Boutique
A $50 gift certificate to Happy Panda
A shirt from Baby Candy
A 12x12 Custom Wall Canvas from JuJu Beane Boutique
A My Baby Can Talk DVD Set from My Baby Can Talk
A custom tutu from Live~Love~Dance Boutique
A $50 gift certificate to
10 T-shirts from PMKU
A $25 gift card to Target from Mommy Bytes
A pair of flaming Babylegs from Fire Mom
A $25 gift certificate to Little Piddles
A baby shirt from Uncommonly Cute
$25 from Lori
A webcam from Liz
A photo tile necklace from Elemental Memories

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sayings and Viewings

M has a new saying... "Oh SNAP!" I love it. It cracks me up!! It's one that I get full credit for, because I say it constantly--when I screw something up, when something funny happens, when I'm ticked off... it's used a lot. She says it so much better though.

New video of J too. Actually, two new videos, but one hasn't been uploaded, so I'll post it later. J is a motion-aholic. He loves to be in motion, whether it's thrown in the air, swung in his carseat, anything. His eyes go bug-eyed, his mouth opens as much as it can, and he grins, maybe even chuckles. It's adorable.