Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Wanna see a cute baby?

What a silly question.

of COURSE you do!!

What's he talking about, you ask? I'm pretty sure he's giving you his opinions on the upcoming elections. *wink* And quite frankly, I feel like I agree with him.

Wanna see another cute kid? Well, why not. You're already here!

Yes, she is saying "stinky butt butt". Before you get too worked up about what I teach my kids, let me explain. That's what I say to J as I'm changing him, because something in the inflections or the sounds cracks him up, and 99.9999% of the time I'll get a smile or a chuckle out of him when I say it. And of course, little sponge that M is, she picked up on what I was saying and how she would get a smile too if she said it to J. So ha! Teach you to look down your nose at someone! *wink*

And yet again poor P has been left out of the fun video post. Shoot... I never have my video cam with me when he does something funny, or else I forget to whip it out. Poor middle child is already getting left out! Bad mummy after all, aren't I.


Jenny said...

aww so cute!!

btw: thanks for dropping by and commenting on my site. :) hope to see you drop by again!

Holmes Family said...

You have the cutest kids!
My kids were watching a while ago and so I decided to come back on and comment!
We hope you are doing well. Roswell has been alot of fun so far. I'm getting my tonsils out in April, so sorry I couldn't be your surgery buddy. Take care and I hope you're doing better.

mandy said...

Can I just tell you that hearing you laugh on the videos made me smile!!! I am glad that you get a good laugh out of stories about me!!! That is funny you mention the horse story, I just told Zack about me falling off the other day, and thought of you!! Miss you too. I can't believe how big our kids are getting!