Friday, February 8, 2008


Okay, so I won a giveaway with Peekaboo Picks a bit ago, a Valentines onesie from Baby Candy.

Wanna see how CUTE it is?


now THAT is one cute kid in one cute shirt.


Peekaboo Picks said...

Oh, that is just so cute! At .25 cents a pop, I'm sure he'll be a very rich boy :)

Thanks again for reading!

Jenny from Chicago said...

That is a cute kid...and a cute tee. If you are really addicted to giveaways you shouls stop by this week. I am giving something away every single day. It's a celebration of my 200th post and Valentine's Day. I hope it's fun, I guess we'll see.

The Wheeler 5 said...

now that is a really cute picture!

Sheyenne said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. What a darling son you have. I'd definitely pay 25 cents to give him a kiss!

mandy said...

Jameson is adorable!! You crack me up with all the things you do and figure out on the internet. Now you win free things? "Crack head" you are!!! After Sam read your blog he of course said, you need to get free stuff! We need to talk so you can tell me how.