Monday, April 12, 2010


What have we been up to since I slacked off blogging...

Easter? Check! Photos of it? Not really! We went to an easter hunt put on by the station, it was awesome. P found the winning egg, the chocolate bunny in the winning basket he got melted in about 2 minutes, we did sack races, ate yummy food, got suntanned... and I left my camera at home for all of it. I stole Jessie's 40D and took photos on it, but I let her take it home and forgot to steal her memory card first. hahah! Must. Remember. And I have only a few photos from Easter Sunday because SOMEONE {cough, little miss M} woke up earlier than anyone else and decided to do the easter egg hunt around the house all by herself. And then woke up her brothers to give them their easter baskets that she'd found on her joyously alone hunt. Yep, by the time we woke up to the giggles and thumps, 50% of the candy had been eaten and all three were rapidly approaching a 8:30AM chocolate high. We made them stay in their rooms while we re-hid the eggs, so the boys still got to find eggs, but oh man. I wasn't very happy. It's funny now...

Sleepovers? Check! M has had her first, second and third sleepovers, all with her bestie Willow. The two of them... crackheads, that's all I can think of. I think this photo sums it up better than any words.

Coolest birthday party ever? Check! I'll save those photos for later. Adam=coolest kid in the class. We got to hold snakes, touch a live rattlesnake, touch a gila monster {google that if you don't know what it is}, I actually held a boa constrictor, we held chickens, {attempted to} hold turkeys, mice... super cool. We also went on the longest nature walk ever. Ever. I'm surprised we didn't lose anyone on it.

See old-new friends? Check! Ashley and her boys came to town and we got to play for a bit. I loved seeing J and Owen play. They're less than 6 hours apart in age, and right now they're about the exact same in everything. I know I keep saying it, but I'm gunning for them to be roomies in college or at the MTC. I wonder if you can put in requests for these things... Also got to see Amber and Brian. That was fun! Amber was the first friend I made here in Sierra Vista, and even though they moved back to the Promised Land {Utah}, we've kept in touch. No photos of that either, I forgot my camera yet again.

J and Owen hugging (so. CUTE.)

The almost-birthday twins.

The clan. (M has a musketeer mask on her head. Yeah... I don't know.)

Lost a dog? Check. Macey either got out or someone got her out. No idea how, because we're pretty sure she couldn't fit through our gate... This makes me horrible, but... I don't really miss her. She was nutso. The kids were a bit upset, but she knocked them down a lot, so they aren't as devastated as they would be if The Great Snoring One disappeared. That would be Molly, the one snoring away next to me now. I lub Molly, we've had her since we moved here in 2006 and she's the best dog in all of Sierra Vista {sorry Laurel. Molly totally rocks the socks off of Ziggy. I know you're crushed.}
Bless her cotton socks...

Got a new dog? Psych! Nope. Molly's loving being able to be with us all by herself.

Aaaaand.... that's all I remember. Or have photographic proof of...