Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sickies prevail

Yep, we've been invaded by the sickies. Ugh. Mercy seems to have another UTI, and Porter and I both seem to have caught CJ's chest cough that he had last week. The only one who seems to be evading capture is Jameson, thank the heavens!!
Last night was absolutely no fun. I was having the chills and fever, but Mercy woke up screeeaming and thrashing around. Nothing I did got her settled, I think she's "backed up" and it's hurting her. Poor bug. So I brought her into the living room to thrash so that she didn't wake Porter up (who was coughing in his sleep), and we ended up falling asleep on the couch. But then she'd wake up again and start all over. Add to that Jameson still doesn't sleep through the night... ugh. I think I maybe got four hours of sleep total? Finally the Tylenol kicked in for her around 4-5am and she fell asleep in bed. So of course J took that opportunity to wake up. Gaah!! Fun for all.
Mercy seems better today, but she still hasn't done the #2 yet, hopefully she will soon so that I can get a better nights sleep tonight!!

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The Orrs said...

Poor little ones! And poor mommy! Hope things get better fast.