Wednesday, January 23, 2008

owen and jameson: future roommates?

This is Jameson and Owen.
Owen is our awesome friends Russ and Ashley's son. Russ and CJ were roommates before Russ and Ashley got married (and oh, the stories they all have to tell). Then, when CJ and I got married, we moved into the same apartment complex as them (go Shadywood!!) and were in the same student ward as them. Then they moved a few blocks down. So we did too. Heheheh. The day I was in labor with Mercy was the day they found out they were pregnant with their sons William and Jonathon. A few days after William and Jonathon were born, we found out that we were expecting again. Basically, we've had a lot of "big ticket" moments coincide.

Then we found out that both Ashley and I were pregnant and due about 5 days apart at the end of October! THEN (here's where we get even more trippy) we found out that we were both being induced on October 24th, with both of us going in at the same time!! Owen was born about 4 hours before Jameson, but because J decided to wait til 12:50 to be born, their birthdays are a day apart.

So we're hoping that they both end up as roommates somewhere, or else as MTC companions, since they'll both probably go in at the same time. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

(yes, they're holding hands in this one. cute, yes?)

(caught J mid-laugh! Dunno how Ashley got him to laugh, I *still* haven't been able to get one out of him.)

(so the other kids don't feel left out, here they are chowing down)

(Mercy trying to kiss William I think it was? Love that my kid is nekkid in this, but she wasn't being naughty, she'd spilled soup on her shirt and we hadn't put another one on yet. Oh, she's going to hate me for this picture when she's a teen...)

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The Wheeler 5 said...

i love it! that was so much fun. we'll let you know when we're down again....maybe we'll both be on kid number 4!!!