Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have magic powers.

It's true. At least, I think it's true. It must be.

ANYWAYS, Laurie, get on with it. I know you're thinking that. What are my magic powers? My lap has the magic ability of being able to put J to sleep within seconds, even when he's not nursing.

I know, amazing, eh? (oops, let a little canuck slip out there. *teehee* )

The past two nights J has been having a heckuva time staying asleep at night. Growth spurt? Please no, I'm not ready for him to get bigger, even though it's inevitable. In any case, he's been waking up quite alot, yet seems to fall asleep almost as soon as I lay him in my lap to nurse. There's no other explanation to me except that my lap has magic sleepy powers. I've spent half of my night sleeping on the couch with him, just because going back and forth from my room is just too daunting. And I admit it, I love snuggling with him even while we sleep. I'm too paranoid to be a co-sleeper, so that's never been an option really, other than early morning snuggles. I have no problem with those who co-sleep, I'm just too much of a nervous nelly to do it. I'm a heavy sleeper, I toss around in my sleep (ask CJ, he's got the bruises to prove it), yadda yadda. I just can't do it. So I guess couch sleeping is my compromise.

And yes, J was asleep in my lap as I typed this post.

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