Saturday, January 5, 2008

Okay, slacker mom blogger checking in. *blush*
J had his 2 month check up on thursday, he is in the doctors words, "perfect". I, of course, take that as a personal credit. He now weighs 12lbs 9oz, and is 22 1/2 inches long. His belly button still isn't healing so she redid the silver nitrate treatment, hopefully it works this time. It supposedly doesn't hurt them but he was PISSED when she was doing it. J also got three shots in the legs, I made CJ go with him for that. I start crying everytime any of my babies gets shots, so it's easier on all of us if CJ goes with them to get them. Luckily he seems no worse for the wear, the shots just seem to be making him sleepy, whew.
HAVE to share this video of Mercy on her bicycle that she got for Christmas. (or bike-isil as she calls it) :

Oh my gosh, I was cracking up the whole time!! Little Miss Bossyboots. Poor CJ...

Porter's becoming such a little boy it makes me sad. He's hilarious though, some of the things he does... he's a daredevil, loves to jump off almost anything, including the inside of the minivan, he just *expects* that you'll be able to catch him, even if your hands are full. His latest fun activity is as soon as he sees either CJ or I laying on the floor in the living room, he takes off down the hall, turns around, and runs full speed into us. i mean FULL speed. Sometimes he goes flying over us because of the strength of impact! Little nutter.

Christmas was great, M and P love all their toys. P's favorite is probably this truck thing that CJ's parents sent him. It's pretty cool, it has four cars that you can "load" onto it, and it can tell you the color of the car or else what number you loaded it; first, second, third... he LOVES it.

Mercy... hm.. she loves all her toys, but her bicycle is probably her favorite. She hasn't figured out how to peddal yet, but we also haven't had all that great of weather lately, so we haven't gone out much. I know I know, we live in southern Arizona, how can we NOT have good, at least warm, weather! Well, blah blah to you.

J doesn't have a favorite toy. Mostly because he didn't really *get* any toys... he got clothes. He'll get toys later.

and yes, they are in matching pjs. Heaven bless Nick and Nora and their sock monkeys.

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