Sunday, January 6, 2008

i have a sunbeam!!??

Mercy started primary today. She's a SUNBEAM!! I was really worried because of her delays, plus I joined the church after primary, so I don't really know how it works. C said to just take M in and find out what's going on, so I walked her in and asked one of the counsellors what I do. She already knew who M was (which made me very happy, I love when a group is on the ball like that!) and pointed out her teachers. M and I walked over and I introduced M to one of them and told them that she has a speech delay and she might not get things. She was SO sweet and understanding, and sat Mercy down next to her. As I was walking out, I turned around and she was talking to M with her arm around her, rubbing her back. I love our church! Almost at the end of church Porter's nursery leader came in because he needed a bum change (she said he was looking very sad, so she picked him up and noticed he was sopping wet, poor boy) but CJ had the diaper bag, so I had to get him. As we were walking towards the bathroom, we walked past M's class and she happened to open the door as we were about to pass. EEPS!! But she just said "mummy and daddy!" and then shut the door. After church I met up with M in the hall, and her teacher said she did just great and was so good. Whew!!

Tonight we had dessert with Maria and Cole (from across the street). Maria's teaching in primary now, and she told me that M did so great, she looked like she was having a good time, and that she was trying to help Sister Manwaring (the primary president) out. Yay. M and P had a blast at their house tonight with their son Rykley. He and M were cracking eachother up, and they all had fun destroying their toy room.

Our church times switched to starting at 8am, so not easy to get up! Luckily Jameson was in a great mood for most of it, then nursed and fell asleep, and kept sleeping when I had to pass him off to my friend Shila so I could help Porter. Then when we got back from church the kids watched a carebear movie or two and CJ napped (he'd gotten in from work at 2:30am, so didn't get much sleep), and then P fell asleep on the floor too. I knew he would if I brought him this one fleece blanket of Js. After that we went to the park around the corner and CJ and I goofed off playing basketball (or I got schooled in basketball...whatever you want to call it) while the kids burnt some energy off running around or else tried to play too.

All in all, a fun day!

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The Hopkins Family said...

Your kids are too cute! Thats fun that you had another little boy. Congrats! How is a mommy with three been like? I'm getting a little a good way. Hope all is well with you!