Monday, January 21, 2008


we're all alive and almost out of the sickie hole we were in. i still don't fully have my voice back, and mercy and porter still have snotty noses, but other than that we are good. woo.

this sunday was jameson's blessing at church, and both my parents and cj's parents came down for it. it was SO nice, the kids loved all the grandparent attention they were getting! newell and sally (cj's parents) hadn't ever seen jameson before, and mum and richard hadn't seen him since thanksgiving; he's totally chunked up since then. i can't believe how much bigger he is. in the last two weeks it feels like he's sprouted and gained so much! he's got these adorable fat thighs now, cj's convinced j is going to be some kind of football star. ugh, i hate how fast they seem to grow up! heheh.

anyways, j's blessing was great, he was such a good baby during the blessing, afterwards the 2nd counselor said that j was such a great baby and so calm and cute. j looked ADORABLE too; mum found the cutest outfit from Strasburg for him on a deep discount, it fit him perfectly! i'm thinking of putting it in a shadowbox on his wall or something, it's definitely not something he can really wear "every day". afterwards i was given a new calling.... *drum roll*.... i was asked to be a Relief Society teacher. *faint* seriously?!?!?! ME?!?! what are they thinking???? it's every other month that i would give a lesson, so that's a relief, but omg. i'm terrified!

mercy has a new saying that she picked up from me. "i'm not kidding!" i say it to her (or porter) when i'm telling them they need to do something and they aren't really listening. lol! the first time she used it was in church. she told cj she needed to go potty, and he told her to wait til after j's blessing, and she said "go potty now! i'm not kidding!" oh my gosh, i cracked up.

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MommyKnows said...

How cute! I'm not kidding!