Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

And, to celebrate the new year and all its potential and possibilities and blah blah blah, I have reopened my 365 blog!

*cue applause*

Three pics of three cute kids, what better way to celebrate January 2nd.

Ah, what else.



Congratulations to the Utes for a games freaking awesomely played. {I think I threw up in my mouth a little typing that.} Yes, pains our Cougar blue blood to say so, but the Utes kicked some Bama butt. That should shut Nick Saban up, and maybe get some more respect for the MWC. So three cheers for the Utes, and BYU alum Kyle Whittingham. {sorry, had to tie the win to BYU somehow...}

Took the tree down yesterday, and spent today wandering around our not-design-oriented enough town looking for fun things to dress up the entertainment center with. I want to decorate with pink and red and cheesy Valentiney shtoof, CJ's a totally party pooper and wants to be klassy. Boo on that, I say! But we found some nice vases which I have promptly put Valentines M&Ms in, which took me too long because I'm anal and had to sort by color, and M&Ms TOTALLY skimped on the white ones!! I had four times the amount of red ones as I did white. Rude. But I got clever and figured out a pattern I like... not that it matters. Grubby little CJ hands will eat them within the week, I'm sure. Although I got the peanut ones too, to use as distraction... we'll see.

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