Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Must Be Crazy.

I have to be. There is just no logical reason I feel like this!! Any sane person {stop snorting in laughter at the thought of me being called sane, Mandy and Sam} would not feel like this, they just wouldn't. What am I feeling?

I want to move back to Utah.


This is the same crackhead who was soooo excited to move to SoAZ and away from the "bubble" and the snow? Yes. But I miss it. We were watching the local news and they mentioned that it had snowed all day in Salt Lake, and what was my reaction? My heart twinged and I said "aww... I miss snow." Remember, I'm a Canadian, so I'm not a wimp about snow, but one does get tired of it after awhile, but I guess I'm over that tiredness. I miss snow, and it makes me sad that J has never seen a real snowstorm, and that P and M have never gone sledding. When I was M's age I'd already sledded my way headfirst into a cement pole, for cripes sake! Come to think of it, that might explain my personality... but I digress.
I miss the Mormon-ness too. I complained my way all over about that, but in all honesty, I really miss that. I hate walking into the supermarket and having to wave smoke out of my babys face. Plus the shopping in Utah is so much better. One word: IKEA. *swoon* Mum and I used to go there all the time back in Hamilton, to peruse and to have lunch. Great food, so cheap! The housing market is so much better there, bigger houses for about the same as we paid for our house, whaaat.
And I miss the family and friends there. Half of CJ's family lives there, and even though we didn't see them all that often, it was nice knowing they were there. Plus my polygamist husband and wife Sam and Mandy live there, and I miss going out with them and getting looks!
Not that SV is so horrible, it's not. The shopping is eh, Target only gets you so far, but the ward and the friends we've made here are INCREDIBLE, and CJ really does love his job. I wish I could combine the two worlds.
Maybe we'll get back there soon, for good. Fingers crossed, right?
So, to end on a high note, here's something that makes me crack up laughing every freaking time I watch it, it just never gets old. Thanks to Crazyland for making me think of it, and making me snort soda out my nose watching it.


Melanie said...

I love that friends episode as well... It always makes me laugh so hard. Thanks for that... I needed a good laugh.

Hopefully someday you'll end up in Utah.

MaryBeth said...

Seriously Laurie, now that it's out of your system, let's go do something...We still haven't Target dated.

Oh, and I LURVE Friends! Rick won't let me buy them on DVD because I record every stinking episode.

Laura said...

Laurie what are you thinking... I miss SV soooooooo much! Sick of the snow that is me - my brother was in a roll over accident last night... my kids wouldn't go out in it... too cold LOL... maybe we ought to switch places for a couple weeks... LOL

The Wheeler 5 said...

yeah, i'm with laura...let's switch places. but then we still wouldn't see each other. please excuse me snowed a couple inches last night and i need to shovel!

Amber said...

I love that friends clip. I was laughing too. You know we really love Utah and all that comes with it. The shopping is way better here, but I tell you the thing that I miss most about SV is the friendships that I had there. There are some that can never be replaced. I think about all you guys daily and I wish i could move back only for the friendships. I'm sure I could make friends here but I haven't gone out of my comfort zone yet to try! :( We miss you guys a ton

Burnett Business said...

yes come back to Utah! AZ is just as good too though but I am bias cause that's where my mission was and I loved the weather there. Friends is great ha!! Yeah we'll take some info on Spain for sure. I think Ben wants to go more than I do though. I just want to be home w my fam and never leave after being in china.

Motherboard said...

I felt that way when I lived in Chicago... and then we moved back to Utah, and now I feel that way about Chicago.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

mandy said...

As the poligamist wife spoken of in your "sane" ranting, I miss you too!!!! I really don't have close friends, here, and I miss having someone to talk to face to face and that was willing to always do stuff. I hope you move here too!!

From My Eyes said...

I would always take back my second wife.