Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas was great. As much as I wish we could be with family, it's fun to have it just our somewhat-little family. M and P still don't fully get Santa, but they got that he brought presents and wouldn't come if they were naughty. Great motivation to be good...

It looked like Toys R Us threw up in our house in the morning, it was awesome. We ended up having to get P some plastic totes to put all his Thomas in because we have no more storage left. And I've stepped on quite a few sharp little trains already, and came very close to "accidentally" chucking them through a window. Good thing the shades were closed.

M got a kitchen and seeing her face when she saw it... it was so great. She got really shy as if she wasn't sure it was for her, and then was just SO excited. She loves it. ALL of them love it, actually.
J got some fun toys, but it's hard to find toys for his age that we don't already have in some way or another. Not the best picture, but you can see the load of Thomas crud everywhere.

And what did CJ and I get for Christmas? Tee hee hee hee.... one of the best presents I've ever gotten.

A new TV!!!!!! To sound like TAMN---Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Yep, we used CJ's bonus to get a new 42" HDTV. No, we're not being wasteful with money, we did need a new TV as our old one was starting to go, and watching movies with green corners just isn't as fun as on a new TV. We'd had that TV since we were newlyweds, and my parents had had it before us. I'm such a suck and teared up in the van as CJ was donating it to Salvation Army here. What a dork. Sucky thing is, our cable company doesn't have HD channels yet (bah) so we're switching to DirecTV. CJ's like a little kid on a sugar high, thinking about watching the Super Bowl in HD. And now you've also seen part of our house, aren't you all so excited? In all it's white walledness? I should take more pics of this room and have you guys tell me what to paint it, if even to paint it. It's so whacky shaped it's hard! Oops. There I go on a ramble again.

So Angie, Jesse and Staci will be proud, but I've been thinking about getting back into scrapping (both ways, digi and paper) again. I took a big fat break because I was just feeling.... overwhelmed I guess. I had other things going on IRL and in the online world, and I let it slip off my radar of things that relax me. But I'm like a fly drawn to a bug zapper with all the pretty doodads out there for both kinds of scrapping, and I've been collecting a bit here and there. I made a mini album for my friend Kim for her baby boy Spencer, turned out cute. Of course, forgot to take pics of it, durr.

J is finally standing with support!!! And he's figured out his feet and takes STEPS while holding onto our hands!! AND he's crawling on his hands and knees now!! Really, the amount of progress he's made in the last month just makes me burst with cheesy mummy pride. Shelley is so pleased she's letting us go to an appointment every two weeks instead of every week, which is very nice since our copays are going up to $50 a pop. J is also very proud of himself, and loves to show off his skillz anywhere. Little lovebug. He also has discovered that tipping the bowl straight into his mouth is mucho faster than bothering with silly things like spoons or fingers.


ozchicki said...

Love all the photos! Kids looked like they enjoyed their loot!

Soooo excited that you will come back scrapping!! You are so good at it, you need to do it! :)

Angie xx

Mary Lynn said...

Love the TV. We got a new one this year too. It's amazing how much better it is. ;) I'm glad you are scrapping again too. Can't wait to see what you do. I'm going to stop selling SU, but continue scrapping. I'm trying to get more into the digital world. I wish it didn't take me so long to do tho ... :)

mbr_flint said...

LOl Aiden got that same thomas ramp thing and he loves it. Total Thomas fan. Lexi got a kid tough digital camera and she thinks that is cool. Love the t.v and the entertainment center. That is way nice lookin

Greg, Karin, Kylee, Sarah and Emma! said...

Fun pics! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Christmas! I love your TV stand! How fun to get something for you guys too!

Holmes Family said...

Christmas went well at your home! I love seeing kids play with their toys on Christmas day. Memories and new things to keep kids busy all year are the best. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Do I see "Meet ME in St. Louis" on your TV???? The best movie ever!!!!!

M ^..^

Laurie said...

Yes, it is "Meet Me in St. Louis"!!! I *LOVE* that movie, it's a Christmas tradition!!