Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like A Dog...

Ever feel like a dog chasing its tail, just going round and round and never really getting anywhere? Well... that's me right now, or at least how I feel. I have so many things that I want to get done or do, but as soon as I start on one thing, I start thinking about something else that I want to do. Ugh! I just need to get it cleared out already! Ha.

M told me an interesting story at bedtime on Saturday. I was about to leave she said "mummy, I have to tell you a story."
Me: "okay"
M: lots of mumbling and wierd word placements, arm waving "the boys.... they were fighting... and they HIT." *mimics punching*
Me: "oh... someone hit you?"
M: "Nooo. The boys. They HIT."
Me: *slightly lost* "Who did the boys hit?"
M: *exasperated* "THE BOYS. THEY HIT."
Me: "They hit eachother? The boys?"
M: "yes!!"
Me: "Oh... why did they hit?"
M: "The boys just hit. Like this." *mimics punching again*
Me: "Oh.... okay."
M: "Yeah. They're naughty boys." *shakes her head*
Me: "Yes, they are."
M: "Night, mummy, I love you!"
I leave, still wondering what exactly we're talking about.

Ah... gotta love kids.


Amber said...

That is cute. How is her speech coming? Boy do we miss you guys. Hope everything is well!

Jesse Edwards said...

oh sweet! and I love the new look of your blog!

Staci said...

LMAO, it's so hard to follow preschoolers sometimes isn't it?? I sometimes feel like I'm living in a bizarre children's book or something, with the conversations we have :-) Miss you, girl - hope all is well!