Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ready for a Vent?

I'm slacking on uploading pictures, avoiding cleaning {who wants to clean at night}, and there's nothing I want to watch on TV, so I'm going to tell you all about the train of thought that keeps chugging into my brain lately. Try not to get too excited, if you bounce in your seat too much you can't read the screen.

I have an issue with Disney, specifically their cartoons. While I love most of their movies, some friends and I have been talking about Disney's tendency to the dramatic, borderline depressing bylines in their plots. Look at Dumbo. I'm sorry, but I can NOT watch that movie. I start sobbing from the very beginning, and just keep on working my way through that tissue box. That movie will never live on our movie shelves, no sirree. Same with Bambi. Nope, not gonna happen. Fox and The Hound? Yet again with the parentless storylines!

And don't give me the "well, it's an old movie" line. Look at how Finding Nemo starts! And the absolute worst Disney movie to watch in my presence is Tarzan. I guarantee I will use your sleeve as a tissue if you watch this movie with me. And yes, I absolutely love this movie, it's one of my favorite Disney movies ever, just cut out the beginning. I can't deal with it at all. I could barely deal with it before I had children, and now... see, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Hercules, taken away from his loving parents {and don't get me started about how Disney TOTALLY messed with the actual Greek myth. Hera as his loving mother? Puh-leeeeze.}. Brother Bear, whose brother dies and the mommy bear dies. The Rescuers, that poor little girl is so alone! The Hunchback... well, we'll give them a pass on that, based on how much more depressing the actual book is. Ariel's Beginning {the new Little Mermaid movie}, SAAAD.

Anyways, you see my point? Disney, while making some amazingly endearing and enchanting movies, also definitely has a dark side. Boo to that! Cheer me up, get me daydreaming about how sweet cartoon life would be, make me root for the good guys and snarl at the bad guys! Don't make me think, for heavens sake! I use you to escape reality, not to think about how bad life can be! Bring on the popcorn. I feel like watching The Incredibles.

**disclaimer: I am no Disney hater, in case anyone tries to think that. I am a Disney lover, both cartoon and "live" movies. In fact, I just succumbed and signed up for the Disney Movie Club. So 6 Disney movies are headed to my house as we speak. Bring on the tissues, baby. I'm gonna need them.**


MaryBeth said...

You signed up for the club! Crimany! You should've told me. I could've gotten a free movie my pimping you out.


sues2u2 said...

Hi! Missed you @ bookclub yesterday. Anyway I can totally agree w/ you although you forgot one that the storyline is soooo totally messed up. Pocahontas. Won't even let my kids watch it! Drives me nuts.

I really like your blog. Reminds me of my sister, the Skipper!

Staci said...

Heheha, I think you should take it up with the head of disney. Come on, girl, I know you're a good writer! Send them out a letter and let them know how you really feel! ;-)

De Ana said...

Ok, I'm officially addicted to your blog! I get to yours through MaryLynn's (Heaven's Evans). You write with the greatest of ease and crack me uh-up! Just when I think that you've painted the greatest picture with your words you go and take that uh-mazing photo. You rock. BTW this is your cousin-in-law DeAna, Uncle Kenny's daughter just in case you didn't remember me.

MaryBeth said...

There was this one time when I kept going to your blog to see if there was a new post and there never was the same ol' Disney one.