Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Because I Love These...

I admit it. I love tags and these cheesy things. Don't know why, but I think it's kind of fun to fill them out, think of funny answers, remember things in the past. So here you go again. Enjoooooooooy!!!!!!!!!

Ten years ago I
1. Had just started my second year at Southern Virginia College.
2. Worked at the stables on campus.
3. Didn't have a drivers license.
4. Was much skinnier than now, yet stupidly thought I was fat.
5. Had just gotten a stepdad.

My "to do" list
1. Make sure M sits on the potty every 20 minutes.
2. Clean something.
3. Get ready for Visit Teaching Conference tonight.
4. Play at Target.
5. Figure out why the printer isn't working/get all the crumbs out of it. (hm... maybe that's why.)

Favorite Snackies
1. Coca-Cola
2. Chips, especially ones from Canada
3. Mini carrots
4. Anything from Chili's
5. Rainbow Sherbet (Baskin Robbins is the best, with hot fudge on it. mmmm.)

If I had a million dollars
1. Pay all our debt
2. Get a bigger house
3. Take the kids on a trip to Canada (Toronto or Alberta, not sure which)
4. Buy out Gymboree
5. Get a pimped out laptop

Places I've lived
1. London England
2. Toronto ONT Canada
3. Lethbridge ALB Canada
4. Provo UT
5. Aberdeen Scotland

My jobs
1. Campaigner for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
2. Cashier at the University of Toronto Bookstore
3. Pretty much everything at Tim Hortons
4. Student worker at Hayfield Riding Center in Aberdeen
5. Emergency Essentials sucker

I'm going to tag..... Ashley Wheeler, Amber Flint, and Shila Ingram.


mandy said...

I see how it is. I don't even get tagged? Fine then, whatever!!!

The Wheeler 5 said...

oh laurie....i knew it! i said to myself, please not me....i'll do it one of these days!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot you also worked at Dairy Queen.
Love Mum

Jesse Edwards said...

this is fun! I think I might tag myself and do this one!

Shi said...

okay I did it! yeah!! You made me post. :)