Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mary Beth.

I'm avoiding the kitchen and the half-cracked job I've done in deep cleaning it, so I'm going to post about someone who is amazazing. {name that movie, suckas}

There's this girl, and she kinda rocks. She makes walking the halls during sacrament so much more bearable than it usually is, because she always makes me laugh. She's also kinda evil like me, so it's nice to know I'm not the only evilly-inclined mormon in this town. Not evil in a Voldemorty way, but evil in a devious thinking, just-might-be-headed-downward-in-a-handbasket way. Get my drift? {probably not, but it's all good, because chances are most of you are nodding your head thinking "yeah, that pretty much describes Laurie".} She also has the most amazing strength I've ever seen, and not just because of her Wii Fit. Which she's offered to let me play with, that only increases the adoration on my part. I mean, lots of people will share their Wii in order to kick your tushie at something like MarioKart, but not many want to share their exercising with it. Purdy cool. She has stories of embarassment that rival mine, and she has no problem telling them. I'm sure we've gotten a few looks in the lobby at church from laughing so hard. Basically, all around, she rocks. Plus her kids are adorable, and her husband is pretty freaking funny on his own.

Anyways, Mary Beth, you and your stalking make me laugh. Maybe I should just hang out in the Target/Fry's parking lot and wait for you, because that's always where we "run into" eachother. Not literally of course. Unless you want it that way. I mean, the insurance money might be nice... no, just kidding. I love my car too much to do that.

But if someone wants to take out CJ's Snot Rocket car, feel free. Then I can have the garage to myself and my van again. Two car garages aren't actually *meant* for two cars, in my humble opinion.

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MaryBeth said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so freaking loved...way more than when my mom actually remembered my birthday :)

I've got an embarassing story for you. Ask me about the time I peed on the balcony on my mission...wait, that about sums up the story.