Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yay, it's me, updating! :)

The weekend was fun, on Saturday we went to the St.Paddy's Day parade in town with Kim, Tim and Isaac. I don't think it would have been more than 5 minutes long if all the law enforcement and emergency vehicles hadn't been in it too, but P absolutely LOVED seeing them! He just stood and stared at the police cars, the fire trucks and, his favorite, the ambulances. One of the firetrucks was nice enough to start his sirens right in front of us, P almost jumped out of his own skin in excitement. Heheheh! M got a ton of candy, people kept going up to her and handing her more, CJ was shoving it into all her pockets to try and help her hold it all. J spent most of the time being held and cuddled up in his nice warm blanket because there was such a nasty and biting wind that day, brrrrr. Of course I forgot my camera because I got skillz like that. Saturday night we buzzed P's hair off. Well, CJ did. P was NOT entertained, but he sure looks CUTE!

Sunday was church, but we didn't last through all of it because of a few things. The lights went out right in the middle of sacrament (most of the kids there thought it was hilarious), but the backups turned on pretty fast. Unfortunately, that left the classrooms and {more importantly} the bathrooms without any light. Not a big deal for the regular rooms since they all have windows, but not so good for the bathrooms. They ended up propping the doors open to get light in there, and really... who wants to go pee when the whole hallway can hear you? I took P to nursery and told them that his shoes were a bit too big and that's why he kept tripping, and they said "oh, that's fine... who is this?" They didn't recognize him without his hair!! I guess P had a slight fever and just wanted no part in nursery, so by the time Sunday School was over, we called it quits and headed home, and just hung out there.

Monday we went to Target to wander and then to Peter Piper Pizza with Kim and Tim, and the kids had such a blast!! The weather was so wierd all day; it was sunny, then rainy, then SNOWING, then sunny again, then hail, then snow, then rain. Whew, hahah! CJ was tinkering with his car, so M and P played a bit in the rain, having a blast. (J was inside asleep)

Yesterday we went to Tucson for J's physical therapy appointment for his Torticollis. OMG, I LOVE his PT. Love love love love her. She's so sweet and caring and just great with J, he was smitten right away. He smiled and flirted all the time, even when he didn't like what she was doing. Anyways, she took all sorts of measurements of his head, and proclaimed his Torticollis to be mild (yay) and then jumped right in to showing me all the exercises to do with him at home. I'm slightly overwhelmed by it all, but she was just so helpful and sweet, and once she found out we were coming from an hour away, she said she thought she might know some people trained to assist with Torticollis in our town and would look into it. She showed me about 9 exercises to do with him and she said to always be aware of it and be trying to do something to help his neck as much as i could. We were with her for 1.5 hours, and thank HEAVENS for Kim (and Isaac), she sat with M and P in the waiting room the whole time watching them. The waiting room was great too, all sorts of toys. Whew! We go back in a week for more PT and assessing, and probably the next week, and then we'll hopefully go to every two weeks, and go from there. OOH!!!! I forgot!! J rolled over from front to back for the first time yesterday too! YAY!

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