Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In a Rut.

I'm in a rut. Like a big, fat, hole-y rut. I can't seem to get my mojo back for digiscrapping, I don't feel like editting and playing with my photos, I don't want to really do anything. I have no clue why, I thought spring was typically when you felt new energy, got active again... not so much here. I feel like a slug, getting by day to day. Ugh. This is not me, or at least it didn't *used* to be me. In college I used to be up for doing anything and any time of day or night. I loved hanging out with friends, going anywhere. Now... well, no. Then again, it's so different now than it was ten (!!!) years ago. There's a house, a husband, three children and a dog underfoot, it's not like I could just pick up and go anywhere. Heck, I'm hoping to get together with some friends in Santa Barbara sometime this year, and I can't even figure out how to do that!! Bah. I never was much of a time scheduler. And I know that if I would just open up my PhotoShop and pull up a picture and some backgrounds, I could probably start getting back in the groove of things... but that step just seems so gigantic sometimes. And it's probably a bit of laziness on my part. Catastrophic and lazy, that's me!

To make this a bit cheerier, I'm going to share some -isms from my kids that crack me up.

Dictionary a la M~
ravioli: "yummy-lollies"
jellybean: "jolly-bean"
coke: "black sprite"
chips: "tips"
chicken: "chinen"
potatoes: "tatos"
spaghetti: "sgetti"
cheerios: "heart cereal" {the cereal is in a heart shaped bowl on the box}
teddy graham cookies: "carebear cookies" {because obviously all teddy shaped things are carebears}
apple: "appow"
muffin: "nuffin"
ms. rosy: "miss wohzy" {she's the assistant in M's preschool}
Thomas: "pwomise" {have NOOO clue why. we try correcting her and she insists it's not Thomas, it's pwomise.}
when she's sad: "i sad. i crying." and then slumps her shoulders and bows her head. {it's all very sad the first time you see it. then it gets funny.}
when she's getting mad: "i'm not kidding!!"
when she did something she didn't expect: "oh snaaap!"

Dictionary a la P~
muffin: "elephant" {he thinks M is saying that when she asks for a muffin. it's pretty funny.}

There's other funny P-isms, I just can't think of them right now, since he's happily snoring away in bed. Lucky boy.


Jesse Edwards said...

oh Laurie Laurie Laurie!!! I know how you're feeling! No worries...I'm sending some mojo your way in the way of a disc full of stuff you can use! Maybe just go take some new pics and relax until you get the disc!

cheribear said...

I have too much mojo right now - I'll be happy to share. I'll flerbert you with some mojo. :)

Jen said...

I'm in a rut, too, but with paper scrapbooking -- I've never tried the digital stuff. But maybe that's what I need to try, since my problems all start with never getting the pictures off the computer. Any tips to get me started doing the digital thing?