Wednesday, March 19, 2008

more -isms

Some more kidisms for you to enjoy!

P has a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that he loooves. He was sitting by my desk playing with it, when M wanders over and plops down next to him. She says "that's a car!" and he replies "no, s'not a car, it's a choo choo twain!" M looks at him and says "noooo, issa CAR." and P stops playing and shows her the toy as if to be like 'look at it, woman!' and says "NO. it's a choo choo TWAIN." They went back and forth like that for another 2 minutes, I swear, both of them dead serious as if they were debating.

M comes over to me talking about lunch, and accidentally lets out a burp. She gasps and says "ohhh! Mercy BERT!" Then she starts singing "A B C D..." and does a fake burp. She looks at me and says "Mercy bert AGAIN!!" and goes off to play some more.

When either M or P isn't listening, I tell them they have til the count of five to do ask I'm asking. Now whenever P is doing something M doesn't want him to do, she'll put her hands on her hips and say "enough, Portey! One... Two... Fwee..."

After we read scriptures (or, in Mercy-ese, "scoop-scoops") every night, M always says thank you to us.

Porter banged his head on the table yesterday and was hysterical, and Mercy ran over to him and hugged him and kept saying "Issokay, Portie, issokay! Awww, you need a bendie (bandaid)? You need a kissie? Issokay!"


Jesse Edwards said...

CUTE!!! I love little kids and the way they say things!

Holmes Family said...

Oh, what would life be without little kids?! Your kids are adorable! Take care, Jess