Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay, so just to follow up, I did call the billing department again and basically said "I got a bill, the lady was useless so I called the PT department and Melody double checked everything and said you're all wrong and I owe nothing, so I want this bill removed." {seriously, that's pretty much what I said} The lady who answered said "ummm... oh... okay, hold on..." got put on hold for awhile {really, they could use some better on-hold music} and then she came back and said "okay, I talked to [I couldn't understand her] and we're going to go ahead and get rid of that bill." Yeah, thought you'd say that.
We went grocery shopping today, before M went to school. Monday shopping is fun because it's usually mostly older people who are much more understanding of our kids yelling across the store "mum. MUUUUMMMYYYYY. Wook at the apples, they're WED!" We take two carts, with P and J in the seats and M walks with us, "helping". Anyways, we split up every now and then, and twice CJ had someone come up to him and ask if both the kids he had were his {since P was with me}, accompanied with a look of incredulity. Huh? Is it because it's a man with two kids? Or has two children suddenly become a rarity in society? Most couples we know have two or more kids, but then again, we're Mormon, it's expected. Maybe we just don't notice these things...

Okay, nuff of that. Pictures, anyone?

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