Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vegas bound


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to vegas we go! Can you tell I'm excited to go? Lol. We decided to bump up our leaving by a day, so we're going tomorrow instead of Thursday. Peggy's already there, and M doesn't have school Wednesdays anyways. So why not. I just have to go to parent-teacher conference tomorrow at 8am, and then come home, shove everything in the car, and we're outta here. A bit nervous about the drive by myself, but we should be fine. We have juice and snacks for the kids, coke for me, a DVD player and a good amount of cheesy cartoon movies, crayons, Care Bear coloring books, a mass amount of Matchbox cars (heaven forbid that P go anywhere without at *least* 5)... we're set. And now, not only do I get to see Gaily-O and Peggy, I get to see MANDY AND SAM!!!!!!! WOOOOOO! {I'm betting Mandy thinks I'm totally faking this, but I'm not. I adore my Mandikins and terribly miss not having her close to me. And I miss Samwise just for that. His smart a$$ remarks and how he thinks almost exactly like me. Poor Mandy.} I've never met Jackson and they've never met Jameson, and Mercy used to love playing with Zachary, even when he'd use her as a climbing tool (remember that? I have photographic proof... heheh). So all in all, it should be a vunderful vacation. Plus I get to hit up the Gymbo outlet in Vegas. Sweet. {Yeah, I'm a secret Gymbo addict. So? Don't be hatin'.}

Let's see... what have we been up to. J's neck is looking pretty good, it's not as noticeable anymore and he's a lot more willing to let you do the exercises now. The only time you can tell he's really got the Torticollis is when he's pissed off and/or tired. He's such a happy baby too, when he sees you looking at him he gets all excited and starts kicking and grinning. Love that boy, he truly makes my day sometimes.

P is totally over whatever bug he got last week, thank HEAVENS. He's a great kid... when he's not sick. When he gets sick he fully believes the world needs to hear everything come out of his mouth in the whiniest way possible, plus with a "NO!" at the beginning and end of everything. You could ask him "P, would you like all the toy cars in the world?" "No! No toy cars!" "Okay, no cars then." "NOOOOOO! I WANT CAAAAAARS!" *insert bawling mess of a little boy here*. Thankfully the nos have mostly gone away with the bug, and now we only hear them when he's really tired. He's back to trying to make everyone laugh as much as he can; we had Kim and Tim over for dinner and we showed them the pillow game, where P runs in circles in the living room (and giggles hysterically) and you try to take him out with a pillow. He realized how much harder we laughed when he fell, so he started falling even when we hadn't even thrown the pillow. And look, his first tattoos! Aww. He has a huge Spiderman on the other arm. It's quite hilarious to see in Church.

M is doing great, her speech is really coming along, and she's starting to love singing even more now that she can do most of the words. The cutest to hear is her singing Popcorn Popping. I sing it to J in the morning as I'm starting his neck exercises, because it distracts him from being a pooper about them, and M will sometimes sit next to me and sing it to J too, he loves it! She also loves to sing Mister Sun, and of course the old favorite, Twinkle Twinkle. Although I think she thinks Twinkle and the Alphabet Song are the same song, because she always sings the Alphabet song as soon as she's finished Twinkle Twinkle.

And on that note, I will leave you. I have a stack of laundry to sort through and toss either on the "coming to Vegas" wall or the "staying" wall. Plus I need to actually pack the clothes. Booo, no fun!


Greg, Karin, Kylee, Sarah and soon Emma too! said...

Have fun in Vegas!!!

Jesse Edwards said...

ooo have fun! Hope you have a good time!!! Love this post and the pics of the kiddos!

Shila said...

Have fun!! Wish I was gettin out of town. :) Say "Hi" to your mom for me.

mandy said...

Oh my goodness!! I do not think that words can describe how excite I am to see you guys!!!! If I could I would leave tomorrow so that we could spend more time together!! I think we might just have to resign our selves to spending as much time together as possible on Sat?

Laura said...

Have fun girl!