Monday, November 26, 2007

trying the blog thing again. i'd use my old blog, but i can't seem to access it. it's hating on me. that's fine, i didn't like it that much anyways, so ha ha to you, old blog!

it's a month and a day since J was born, and i'm still in awe that i managed to birth him the "normal" way. even when he was born and the doctors and nurses called out "it's a BOY!!!" and they were all congratulating us, and cj kept saying "you did it, baby, you did it" it didn't seem real. maybe because i don't think i really expected that i'd actually be able to do it? who knows... but i'm freaking PROUD of myself for once. and yes, i look like crap in that picture, but i do not care. i had just birthed that 8lb 13oz wonderchild (with HAIR!!!! the heartburn paid off!), i had full right to look crap.
that's enough rambling for tonight i think. :)

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