Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just had to post this over here because it's my kids epitomized.

so the story behind this:

it's cjs days off so he got the kids ready for bed last night while i watched DWTS. there's my big mistake. mercy came running out of her room in that.... outfit, giggling, and says to me "mummy! i SEXY!!" yeah, cj dressed her and saw how ridiculous she looked and decided, instead of CHANGING her outfit, he'd teach her a new word. so after i die of laughter, i send her back to cj to tell him "daddy, you UGLY." (nothing like a little revenge a la child.) when she comes back in giggling from cj and i laughing so much, i decide this needs to be memorialized with photo evidence, and i try to teach her the model stand with her hands on her hips. mercy decides she looks better with her hands in her armpits, and porter starts trying to do it too. i say screw the photos, this needs video evidence. i turn it on and try to get mercy to say she's sexy, but then someone started dancing on the tv, so mercy starts "dancing". why is she thinking marching is dancing? because last week michael flatley (of Lord of the Dance and Riverdance fame) was on doing irish dancing, and mercy fell in LOOOVE. so now when you ask her to dance, she marches, thinking that she's irish dancing. then porter starts trying, and the rest is history. yeah, THAT would be how my kids are normally. that video of mercy being all sweet? it's fake. ha, i tricked you all.oh, and jameson is sleeping away in the bouncer behind them.

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