Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm supposed to be decorating the christmas tree, but I'm slacking. Yay for slacking! Besides, I'm having a bit of a "poor LoLo" moment; CJ's giving Jameson his third bottle ever, CJ's second time giving him one. (And I'm not sure the first really counts, because it was EBM in a bottle, given by me on the way home from Tucson, we were in a time crunch and J was hungry) Anyways, yesterday we gave J his first ever bottle of formula. well, i made it and CJ gave it to him, and J took it like a champ, which is good for the long run and for CJ, but me... I'm not so pleased. J's at the right time to introduce them, and as much as it kills me to not be the only comforter (I know, it's selfish, but I'm being honest), CJ needs this kind of bonding with him.

Mercy had her second evaluation today with the school district and we found out she needs more. Gah. I'm glad that we finally have the ball rolling on getting her help for her speech problems, but the possibility that there's more lurking under the surface is intimidating. CJ went with her today so I could stay with Jameson and Porter, and he said it sounds like she'll probably get into the preschool, so that's good. She still needs to be seen by the speech therapist, the occupational therapist and the physical therapist for their evaluation of her, and also needs another hearing test. Fun fun fun. But hopefully we'll know what's going to happen soon.

Porter had a nice, boring day, waiting for M's assessment to finish. We went to the park by the school and he had a blast sliding down the slides over and over and over and over. And over. Get my drift? The boy loves slides! And the whole time he had his "ambiance" with him, AKA a toy ambulance that has buttons you push to hear sounds and see the lights flash. Yet another obsession--cars of any sort. It's amazing to see the difference between him at 2 and where M was at at 2. His speech is SO much better than hers was, he's starting to use 3+ word sentences and knows almost all the same words that M does.

Okay... back to the tree I suppose... *mope*

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