Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I love watching the boys went they wake up. Still fuzzy brained from sleep but so happy to see me. And to eat breakfast. After breakfast they get to watch one of their favorite shows, "Handy Manny", before we get ready for the day. Two days ago the sun was streaming in through our sliding glass doors and landing on the boys on the couch so perfectly that I had to grab my camera.

Look at those eyes! His eyes still can't seem to choose what color they'll be, but they're mostly blue. But they were greenish that day.

Rosebud mouth. Just so kissable! He'll give us kisses but after he does, he grins and says "eeewwww!!!"
Such a boy.

"Anny Manny!" Look at how much he loves that stinkin' show. {me, not so much. but it's better than a lot of the childrens shows out there.}
Wait a minute... why is his hair short around his ears?!? Laurie... what have you done...

YOU CUT HIS HAIR?!?!? Yes... that sweet, baby soft hair has been clipped. And yes, I cried as I did it. And laughed at myself for crying over it. What a sight I am.
{man, he looks like P in this photo}

What have you done to me...

Rock on, mom. Rock. On.


kate bentley. said...

oh my. he looks so much older than two now. *sniffle* what a handsome little man!

Kate Monroe said...

Ack! So stinkin' adorable! Those eyes just melt. Seriously.

Staci said...

OMG! How can he be that big already??? absolutely gorgeous!

Aaron and Jessie said...

oh Laurie I wish I were more like you with a camera always handy. I love Jameson's lips they really do look so kissable, but at least he thinks it's gross so you don't have to worry about all the little ladies wanting some of that. jokes! Seriously that hair cut totally makes him look like Porter.