Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bah Humbug

I. Am a grouch. Sad, especially considering the time of year, no? Why am I grouchy, I have no idea. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a moron and I've lost/misplaced/lost my iPod Touch, and I really don't think I have any hope of finding it, because I'm fairly sure I lost it outside the home {wwwaaahhhhh...} . Maybe it's the lack of any Christmas decorations other than a {very festive and pretty, if I do say so myself. and I do} garland hanging around the low wall around the kitchen. There's nary a Christmas tree in sight. It's all for a good reason, of course. I'm very grateful for the really pretty tile that's almost completely installed. But the timing is just plain sucktastic. One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating, it makes it *feel* like the holidays. Know what I mean? Plus the fact that half of our furniture is in the garage and our fridge is in the backyard. It makes for a grumpy Laurie. Hopefully it will be completely finished by tomorrow night, and CJ thinks putting the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve after the kids go to sleep will make Christmas morning even more exciting for them. Which may be true... he's obviously feeling more festive than I am.

But now that at least the oven is back in the kitchen I/we can start Christmas baking! I've already made one batch of Christmas cake pops with Jessie, Susie, Maria and Christie, and while they were a pain in the patootie at first {the cake pops, not the company} we finally got the rhythm of them... right when we ran out of cake. Doh! So hopefully I can get some cake made tonight and maybe make some cake pops tomorrow or Thursday. The kids absolutely love cake pops though, all three of them just snarf them down whenever allowed. And when they're not, as seen right now in my room. J just stole another one and is running away from me. Little cheeky monkey.

Photographic evidence of the deliciousness of cake pops:

J biting into cake pop #1. It started out as a Christmas tree, but little mouths make things look messier than they used to be.

P eating a santa hat cake pop

M finished too fast for me to even get a photo of the Rudolph cake pop she was eating, but apparently it tasted as good as it looked.

Lucky for you, I took a photo of it when we made them!

BTW: if you want to try making cake pops yourself, I highly recommend it! Once you get the hang of it, they're really kind of fun. Bakerella is a freaking genius. We couldn't find any lollipop sticks anywhere so we got creative and cut some shish kabob sticks up instead. You can find candy melts at Walmart and at Kmart, and you can order them {and everything else Bakerella uses} online. Here's the link to Bakerella's post on how to make cake pops. Enjoy, and let me know if you try them!!


Kate Monroe said...

That's totally sucky about the iPod. :( You're becoming quite the Betty Homemaker though!

jkmace said...

loving the homemaking tips!! you are too funny! Thanks for a little laugh, your kids are adorable!

Tiana said...

love cake pops....i have had the privilege of consuming them but never making them...i think i might make some after I move into our new house...if that ever happens. Love you and merry christmas

Renee and Jake said...


Staci said...

ok, first off, i totally miss you too! :-) secondly, I can NOT believe how big the kids have gotten!!! they are still the cutest ever, just bigger now! thirdly, i hope you got out of your bah humbug mood and had a great xmas (i'm sure you did!). and fourth, I made her cake pops for halloween, and they are SO good! yours came out fantastic!!