Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An almost, sort of white early Christmas

Yes, I realize Christmas was a few days ago. But considering how late I've been lately at blogging anything (if I even blog it).... I'm blogging this first.
It snowed here!!!! I know most of the country has way too much snow already for the end of this year, but we're in southern Arizona, so bear with us. The kids were SO excited. So so excited. There wasn't a ton, and it didn't stick around our yard for long once that toasty AZ sun rose, but they had fun with it. So much fun that I called up our super cool friend Jessie and her super cool girls and asked if they wanted to hit up one of the canyons to play in the snow, and they said yes! They brought their cool friend Jen and her cool sons, and it was seriously a blast. The kids had their very first ever snowball fight, they built their first ever snowman (and baby snowman for mister J) and did snow angels. It was already starting to melt by the time we left Ramsey Canyon, but that was fine, by that time the kids had discovered the downside of snow: The icy cold numbness it gives you!

M and our snowman! Yes, that is a leaf for its hair. You improvise in Arizona.

This kid just had NO interest in staying with everyone else. Nope, he decided to explore everywhere, and could have cared less where I was. Boo... where's my baby gone??

Funny M!

Baby snowman, just for J (sorry, you have to look kind of hard to see it.)

Wilderness explorer J!

The only photo I got of all three kids

Building a snowman

Eating snow. Such a delicacy.

Still eating snow.

All done!

Maile throwing a snowball. Such concentration! I see a future in softball perhaps!

The road up to the canyon


The Samples Sampler said...

Wow! For living in a place that never sees snow, your kids have all the right clothing for it. I am jealous of your snow, and think I hate you and AZ!

Tiana said...


jkmace said...

The kids are adorable! they are a great mix of you guys! Glad we were able to share some of the snow with you!

Jen said...

Yay for snow! I'm glad you guys got a chance to play!