Friday, May 8, 2009

I Got First Pick In The Mum Pool, nahnahnah!

So I like to brag about my mum. A lot. And to anyone. Sorry, but she rocks, so I'm gonna sing it to the world! And you can ask any of my friends that have met her face to face. She. Is. Awesome. Face it, I was first in line in the "pick your mum" line in Heaven. (maybe that's why I screwed up in the "pick your dad" line.... ah well, I made up for it in the "pick your second dad" line, so whatevah! (Yes, I really do say "whatevah" in real life. I am THAT dorky) ANYWAYS. At the request of The Parent Bloggers Network and in honor of Mothers Day... (look at me, ahead of the game for once! But if you moms have been given free reign to buy your own pressie, check out the Celebrity Mom Auctions on eBay. Totally want Jessica Alba's Mac stroller that she has up for bidding!)

My mum gave me:

A love of books
A weakness for Broadway musicals
A slight paranoia as a passenger in a car
A great family history
An appreciation for yummy ethnic foods
A great last name (come on, Campbell is just SUCH an awesome last name, I'll admit I miss it)
Blue eyes (well, they're my papas, but he's her dad)
So many opportunities to try new things (soccer, hockey, violin, piano, flute, clarinet, english seat riding, ballet, tap, jazz... I could go on)
The chance to spread my wings and grow on a completely different continent (Scotland)
An awesome step-dad
Faith that I could be a better person than I thought I could be
The nose to sniff out a good deal
A love of Toyotas
Faith to let me lead sometimes, even if I tripped up once in awhile
Belief that I could do what I put my mind to (I credit my VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesarians) to her and to Mandy, both of them really helped me believe I could do it, so thanks Mandy too)
My sarcasm mixed with a bit of crazy
Pride in where I come from
Hope for the future (in terms of our long political discussions)
Love of a good British TV show (Hamish Macbeth, how I miss you)
A good solid upbringing
Great, long lasting friendships
Furniture when CJ and I got married
A complete weakness for Buche de Noel, oh yum.
A secret addiction to Law and Order
Inability to turn down caffienated sodas (it's got to be the genes, right?)
The ability to speak French
Fear of creepy crawlies
Being able to cry at the drop of a hat
The 17 year old cat that's sleeping peacefully next to me (though M is positive that Isis (the cat) is HER cat, no one else's)
A shoulder to cry/rant/sob/laugh into at any time
A built-in babysitter willing to drive hours on end to be here in desperate situations (I don't mean a date to the movies, I'm talking in terms of needing someone to watch the kids while I have surgery/pop a kid out/etc)
A great example to follow.

Love you, mum.


mbr_flint said...

That was really neat to read. I do like your mom a lot too. She is a great women!

The Wheeler 5 said...

your mom is pretty great!

Jenamarie said...

Awwww, that's so awesome Laurie! I think all of us moms hope to see our children write/say something like that about us when they're grown. I know I sure do! What a perfect Mother's Day gift for your mom. :)

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Dude! I totally thought you were my twin from across the pond, and then I saw your picture.

You're way cuter!


Shy said...

Happy Mother's Day girly!!

You do have a great mom and I dont even know her that well. :) Left ya some love on my blog

Mum said...

Thank you pookie! You've turned into a great mom yourself. Carrying on the tradition in our family of wonderful mothers :)
Love you

mandy said...

I love your mom!! I always feel special when I make your blog!! Glad to hear that I have had some positive influence on you!! The next time you are visiting your mom let me know, maybe we could come down or meet half way?