Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday!

A very happy 29th birthday to CJ!

Celebrated with chinese food, a new barbeque grill and a bike. Score.

29 reasons CJ is great:
He's one of those sickening people that everyone likes and gets along with.
He's got faith in everyone.
He thinks he's really funny and he's not, which makes it funnier.
He's an awesome father.
He'll watch chick flicks with me with minimal complaints.
He's convinced me that basketball is a great fun sport, at least to watch.
He doesn't mind changing diapers.
He's great at surprising me. (even when that is jumping out of a dark room to scare the heck out of me.)
He supports my crazy ideas.
He cried when our children were born. (I love that.)
He loves his family, immediate and extended.
He's comfortable to fall asleep on watching a movie.
He's good at game shows.
He loves the outdoors.
He loves his job and does great at it.
He is easy to talk to.
He talks in his sleep and makes me laugh at what he says.
He tries hard at everything he does.
He's mostly fun to play board games with. Even if both of us hate losing.
He has a blast with the kids, and they adore him.
He loves to clean.
He treats us all like royalty, even when we don't deserve it.
He smells good. (hey, that's important if you're going to be with some one for eternity.)
He is the best guy I have ever, ever, ever known.
He will go "window shopping" with minimal whining.
He will try eating anything I put before him.
He'll go for take out if that food didn't work out so well.
He forgives really easily.
He loves me.
Happy birthday, husband of mine. As M says, we "luva luva LOVE you".


Jen said...

Happy Birthday CJ! Man, we're all getting OLD! My 29th is coming up next week!

Staci said...

Aww, I so can't wait until the day I finally get to meet you guys (that will happen some day, right? afterall, noah and mercy can't meet for the first time at their wedding!). CJ sounds like such a great guy, and I love the part about him thinking he's funny when he's not, hehea. And 29? I forgot you guys are young' uns ;-)

Anonymous said...

Laurie-you have the cutest family! I love reading your blog. I am SOOOOOOO happy that you decided to come visit SVU all those years ago and that I got to meet you and your mum. I think you are the best...and you are definitely my favorite Canadian! :) Happy birthday to CJ and thanks for being my friend!

Mum said...

And he's a terrific son-in-law!!