Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random, anyone?

Okay... exciting is lacking here, other than me actually getting down and dirty with dirt, I rearranged/planted new things in our little front garden. Nothing very fancy/overwhelming, some snapdragons and other pretty flowers. I took 2/3 of the kids (J was napping, don't worry, CJ was home with him) to Lowes a few days ago to get some more snapdragons, since half the garden is stuffed with snapdragons and the other half is naked. I ended up finding some really pretty and interesting flowers that I really do not remember the name is, but bought them and planted them in pots. They are now greeting people walking up the walk to our door. I need to get some pics of them... they're so neat looking! Mum and Richard are coming to town tomorrow and I've already told them that Richard is helping me figure out how to build a square foot garden. I, Laurie, am excited for a garden. Wierd. M and P loved "helping" (aka watching and running around with Molly) me while I planted the flowers, so I'm thinking of getting them each their own planter and letting them pick out seeds, and letting them have their own little gardens. Unfortunately they'll probably have to be in the front, because lovely Molly has a tendency to dig where she shouldn't, hence the need for us to replace parts of our cable wire twice. We have learned our lesson there, and not only are they reburied, they're covered with heavy bricks. Ha, take that, clever dog. (I give her another month before she figures out a way around it.)

What else... had our Emergency Preparedness Fair at the Church last Saturday. It went pretty well, CJ did most of the talking because he's the one that put together our 72 hour kit anyways. I got to learn about couponing (who knew, seriously... I'm intrigued) and also made sure J didn't wander too much. Towards the end of the fair the kids were getting crazy, and P was kneeling on the hardwood floor playing with a car, when a little girl ran into him and he smacked his head on the floor. It wouldn't have been a big deal if he hadn't also run into a doorknob the day before... ouch. So his already egglike bump doubled in size and just looked so painful. Poor boy was so upset, I really couldn't blame him. Mean mum that I am, I took some pictures, but they don't really show it to its full bumpiness. This was the day it happened, you can see the bump extends down to his eyebrow. Don't worry, he got a trip to Target and a Lightning McQueen shaped "owie" (cold pack) to help with the pain.

We've been dealing with the sicks for the last 10 days. In all honesty, if I don't see anymore throw up for, oh... ever, I'll be totally fine. Every single person in this house other than me threw up at least once, and guess who got to take care of all of it, other than CJ. Sorry, but when my 1 year old and my 28 year old husband are both throwing up, I'm going to take care of the 1 year old. The 28 year old can make it to the toilet. Then I had to also deal with J and P and their diaper dilemmas. Ew, that's all I'll say. P better potty train soon, this is getting really old. There was so much blech in the house for the past week that I started getting nauseous just at an innocent cough from one of the kids. Luckily (??) I didn't get sick, I almost wish I had so that *I* could have been babied. Waah waah, right?

I'll try to upload more photos tomorrow, my uploader wasn't working properly so instead of actually dealing with it, I just didn't download my photos. Niiiice. Then I started forgetting to take a photo a day of the kids, aagh!!! Why do I always screw these things up! Bah. I'm not giving up yet, just ticked that I'm missing some days.

M has spring break next week, should be.... fun, hopefully. I wish we could go somewhere, but not right now. We're hopefully going to Disneyland in June, woo hoo! It'll be my first time, I may just be more excited than the kids will be. Anyone in the area, let us know, we'll try to meet up!

Bedtime, M has early school tomorrow. Ugh, so not an early morning person.


Laura said...

Oh my Laurie CRAZYNESS - Hope everyone gets well soon... mostly I wanted to say though that I am interested and getting into the sq foot boxes gardening too... oh and you know how I love couponing!

mbr_flint said...

Ouch P. That looks really "owie" Poor little guy. It was a lot of fun to read this and see how you guys are going? We are excited for a garden this year too. We actually have a pretty big area and we are excited to try a few new things.

Staci said...

Aww, poor little man!! How is everyone feling now?

Holmes Family said...

Sounds like you've had alot of fun at your home.
I tagged you in a short blog. Take care, Jess