Monday, February 23, 2009

Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo...

So... yeah. Really not that much exciting, it feels like. Maybe I should start making stuff up just to feel like I have a reason to post more!

I taught in Relief Society this weekend. I taught on Elder Bednars talk "Pray Always", which is amaaaazing. Really, I think it's one of my favorite talks ever. It's one of those that you can read over and over and have something new strike you each time. I had a scare that I had prepared the wrong lesson, but luckily the note was from the other ward. *whew* Then, just as I stood up to give the lesson, the Bishopric walked in. Are you KIDDING me?! I am NOT teaching in front of them. Almost had a heart attack, I swear. Luckily they were just coming in to talk about the emergency preparedness fair we're having March 7th *ahem, anyone in Sierra Vista, please come! I'll be there in all my coolness*. So I got to teach my lesson with no testosterone in the room other than the babies. I'm SO thrilled to say it went great! Sometimes our Relief Society doesn't participate much, which can make lessons drag out, but yesterday everyone seemed to have a comment, and I can really say that I learned some new thoughts. Yay!

After that I went visit teaching, and the sister we taught had some square foot gardens, and she really lit a fire in me to try it out! She had grown some parsley and it was HUGE. She gave us each a bag full of it, mmm, I love the smell of it! We have a retaining wall in the back that seems the perfect size, so I'm thinking of trying my hand at it. I'm excited/scared, I've never really "done" a garden.

Went to Kim and Tims for dinner, turkey and mashed potatoes and pie. OMG, yum. We all tried to watch the Oscars, but sad to say... it was boring. What's with that!! Poor J had a fever and was coughing a bit, so we went home and put him to bed. He seems a lot better today, I'm so glad. It makes me so sad to see him upset, he's such a sweet little man. Doesn't this photo look like it's from the 80s? I love photo editting a bit too much I think.

Going to try to get some digital scrapbooking done tomorrow, stay tuuuuuuuuned.


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Class participation is essential to a great lesson. I teach Gospel Doctrine and when it's crickets I would just like the earth to open up and swallow me (ooh, maybe not).
We had that lesson on Sunday too and I learned wonderful new info. too. You'd think there couldn't be anything new we could learn about prayer, but sure enough, this wonderful gospel is so simple, and so complex. I bet you are a fantastic teacher and I would love to have been there.