Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am thankful...

for our health, as whacky as it can be.
for M's preschool and all that she's learned already.
for baby smiles and growls first thing in the morning.
that I didn't burn the roast today.
that I have some amazingly great friends both near and far.
for CJ's job, as skeery as it can be.
that Kim drags me to the gym.
for House and how much he makes me laugh.
that my mum is in a happy place, for the most part.
to have a husband who never discourages my whacky ideas.
for the memories I have so far, happy and sad both.
that dinner tonight was just SO good.
to have a roof over our heads, and a fridge full of food.
that Mercy said she was thankful for tomatoes {even though she meant potatoes}.
that my printer finally decided to work.
for my roots and ancestry.
that MaryBeth kept her promise and came to playgroup this week.
for a healing P man.
that our neighbour takes our garbage to the curb for us when I'm busy cleaning up a puking P.
that J find burps so freaking funny.
for Bolt.
to have some amazing people for in laws, both immediate family and extended.
that there's a park right behind our house, so burning toddler energy isn't a car drive away.
for Canada.
that I didn't name my son Bronx Mowgli like I'd planned. {who knew Ashlee Simpson was thinking the same thing!}
for yummy smelling candles that make the room smell so lovely.
to live in a country where I can say all these things and not be muted.
for a religion that is so sound and firm.
to have faith surrounding me even when I don't feel it.
for a cat that wakes me up at night with unearthly sounds. {wait...}
for a dog that is better with my babies than most babysitters.
for a fish that just won't kick the bucket. {we're down to 1 out of 4}
for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and me crying while watching it, for no good reason.
that this town has a Target.
that P still loves to cuddle with me, and pats me on the cheek and says "i loe loo, mummy."
for J's physical therapist, Shelly, and how well she does with him.
that M loves to sing the Mamma Mia! soundtrack with me, and can shake her booty doing it.
that CJ is such a funny and fun dad.
that I finally got to say "peace out, girl scout" in a sarcastic way to someone this year.
to have so many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday!!


Mary Lynn said...

You're awesome Laurie!! I love your blog. It's real and fun. I need to take more time to do blogs like this.

Jesse Edwards said...

you're so funny! so many of these made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being such a good daughter. Most of my being in a "happy place" is because of you.
Love Mum

Staci said...

I always love reading your writings - your personality just shines through!

mbr_flint said...

your so funny Laurie!