Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jameson's Angry Bird Party!

Jameson-Waymeson is four years old!! To celebrate we threw him an Angry Birds party, his absolute favorite game. It was pretty fun, if I do say so myself. There's not much out there "pre-made" for Angry Birds so I had to get creative, which ended up being fun to do. I made a green pig pinata (my mom helped by doing the crepe paper decorating for me, at that point I was Angry Bird-ed out!), I got some red, blue and orange (for the new orange Angry Bird) balls and drew the Birds onto the balls so that we could play dodge ball, we spray painted, put nostrils on condiment cups and put elastic string on them so that all the kids could be pigs for dodge ball. We hid golden eggs around the park for the kids to find, had them decorate paper bags (with Angry Birds stickers... the only thing I *could* find in stores!) to put their candy in. We had an AWESOME Angry Birds cake made by a local lady, it was so good!! It was a ton of fun, getting creative like that. But I'm glad Porter's decided on a dinosaur theme for his party, it'll be a lot easier for my poor brain. Sorry for the lack of photos, I haven't downloaded from the camera yet, so these are off the iPhone. (the pigs in the ball photo are the thank you presents we gave out, I got them at the dollar store and spray painted them, then we put candy inside.)

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Jen said...

You are awesome! What a fun party!