Monday, October 11, 2010

Comic Relief

So we haven't been having the best medical news lately, but we have to keep ourselves smiling, right? Mercy turned six in August and for her birthday CJ had the briiiiiiiiiilliant idea {sarcasm, yes.} to get her a cat. Ever since Isis passed away she's been asking for a cat, and being the sucker that he is for her, he told her she could have one. At first she had her heart set on one named Tootie at the Humane Society, but I have to admit I was secretly relieved when Tootie got adopted by someone else. I can just imagine the jokes and giggles that the boys would have at that poor cats expense for the rest of her life. So we ended up getting Sparkel from a vet's office. No idea on her background other than she's a year old and had a litter of kittens before she hit her birthday. What a hooch. She's fixed now, no more kittens in her future. Yes, her name is Sparkel. It *was* Sparkle as per Mercy's decision {she couldn't think of a name and after tossing out about 50, I blurted Sparkle out and she latched on. Sigh. Such a girl.} but when we took her back to the vet to get de-uterus'd, they wrote her name as Sparkel on her records. How you screw up the name Sparkle, I will never know. Anyways, ever since then CJ and I have an ongoing joke about it, and I can't call her Sparkle without sounding french and turning it into sounding more like "sparkelle". Childish, right? But that's how I roll.
Anyways. She's really not a bad cat, very patient with the boys. Porter doesn't really care all that much but Jameson finds her fascinating and can usually be found watching her and laughing hysterically at whatever she's doing. Even just cleaning her face. She mostly sleeps on Mercy's bed except for when Mercy locks her out of her room for playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys when Mercy's trying to go to sleep. Sparkel is a big jerky bully to poor Molly though {our big, shmoopy black lab}. First time they met she about took a piece out of poor Molly, and ever since then Molly's been terrified of her and won't walk past her unless one of us is with her. Seriously, dog? You're 5 times her size. You could sit on her skinny butt and not even notice. Dog up, dude!! But no, poor wimpy Molly cowers in fear of her now, and Sparkel has taken to taunting Molly when Molly is outside by standing at the sliding glass door and just staring at her. Molly won't even eat her food when she does that.
Okay, so here she is, is all her ferociousness.

Wierdest colored cat.

Don't look her in the eyes!!

Ahhh!! The beast is out!! For the love of Pete, run for your liiiiiiiiives!!!!!

Other forms of entertainment in the house? Digging with dollies. I came out of my room one day and found this scene in the hallway. Completely abandoned, not a child in sight. I wish they'd stuck around because I would have loved to have their commentary on it...

Poor Cinderella didn't make it.

The scene of the crime. Apparently someone was trying to hide the bodies of some princesses and their pets. Perhaps a reenactment of a revolution? Who knows.

Jasmine somehow got turned into a mermaid, and Ariel... well, all that was found of her was her bottom half. *shudder*


kate bentley said...

hahahahahhahahaha! love the photos of "sparkelle" {which is how i've pronounced it ever since you told me about the vet's spelling blunder..hahahah}. and cracking up at those poor princesses who apparently forgot to buckle up. hahahahah.

Staci said...

LMAO! love the crime scene, and "sparkelle" is such a cutie! love the french twist on her name ;-)