Tuesday, July 6, 2010

(my kids are) Proud to be an American

Happy belated Independence Day!! It was a fun, fun, FUN weekend.

On Saturday we went to the annual Sierra Vista 3rd Ward breakfast and water fight. This year was fun because M and P really got into it. J hates getting squirted, so he just wanted to water the plants with his gun. Hahah!

On Sunday CJ had to work, so when our friends Lyndsy and Travis invited me to go to Veterans Memorial Park with them and check out the festivities, especially the chili cook-off, I jumped at the chance.

For a Canadian, I did pretty good on dressing the kids up in their patriotic finest, eh?

Love this boy! Such a goof.

This was a neat moment for me. We had our governor AND a congresswoman in town for our festivities (our town isn't exactly big either, so that was cool), so they had the guard come in with the flags as well as the mounted patrol, and everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance... including my little girl. It was neat to hear her say it, made me tear up.

The F-14 flyover. {hopefully that's right... I don't exactly know fighter jets well, and I have no memory at all, so I can't remember what they told us.}

M and her friend Alyssa. They went to Carmichael preschool together, and I love this girl! She and M just get along so well, and the fact that they both have the white blond hair going... it's too funny.
I actually think that the chili on their chins plus where they're missing teeth, it makes them look like vampires. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to the midnight showing of Eclipse... ever since then it's been vampires on the brain...

We're leaving in three days on Road Trip 2010, and the kids are SO excited. We're going to be stopping in Sedona, Cedar City (to see Mandy and Sam! woo!!), Salt Lake, then up to Yellowstone, then to the Humpherys Reunion 2010, then to NorCal. It's going to be a blast I hope!! We're excited to see everyone, family and friends.


kate bentley said...

Mary Lynn said...

Love the pictures as always!!! Sounds like a cool road trip! Can't wait to see you all!

Aaron and Jessie said...

Oh, I'm sad we missed the big waterfight, I still needed revenge on CJ from last year.